Travel Trailer Towing Mirrors

One thing first time RVers may have trouble getting accustomed to is using the side-mounted mirrors for rear vision. Left- and right-hand outside mirrors are required on the towing vehicle because the fifth wheel or travel trailer obstructs the driver’s interior rear vision. It may appear difficult to you but with the right mirrors and a little practice you become competent using them. Side-view mirrors should be large enough and positioned for vision at least 200 feet to the rear of the vehicle.

Side mirrors should be as large as practical, with a separate convex mirror mounted below. Mount the mirrors as wide apart as possible for maximum rear vision and easy backing. Trailer towing mirrors should be adjusted so that the inside edge of the mirror is further out than the outside edge of the trailer. The travel trailer’s wheels should be visible in the convex mirrors to check for correct tracking when making turns and to watch for tire problems.

Check each of your mirrors frequently for traffic conditions behind you so you can avoid last minute maneuvers and surprises. Use your mirrors to to watch your trailer when making turns. Larger rigs need more space to turn without running over curbs or sideswiping stationary objects.

You can gain valuable experience by practicing on a quiet residential street or in a large, open parking lot.


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