Travel Tips for Americans RVing in Canada

Planning an RV trip to Canada? RVing your way across Canada will be a journey of new discoveries but it is another country with different laws than we’re used to here in the US.

Things not to transport in to Canada:

Firewood – there is a ban on transporting firewood across the border.
Canadian customs will not let US firewood in and the US will not let
Canadian firewood in – has to do with some sort of parasite. One log
can get you searched.

Meat – you can bring US beef into Canada, but unless it is clearly
marked as having been purchased in the states, US Customs will
confiscate beef products – to include hunter sausage etc.

Weapons – Canadian customs have no tolerance for anything resembling a
weapon, so no guns, no brass, no ammo, nothing that even hints of a
weapon, even got hassled over my tire billy once.

Tobacco Products – Ontario has high taxes on cigarettes so don’t have a
couple of cartons of Luckys laying about. You can bring in enough for
personal use.


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