Tire Pressure for Truck When Towing Fifth Wheel

Fifth Wheel traveling on the highwayQuestion:

Just got a new (to us) truck. 2009 Duramax.

We pull a 31 ft fiver weighing about 11500 lb.

We run 80 lb in the back tires but the slip on the door says to run 60 in the front.

Seems light to me.

What do yall’ run in the front tires when hauling?

My Answer:

How much pressure your tires need is dictated by the weight on the hitch. there can be 1000 lbs difference between light and heavy depending on the fifth wheel and how it’s loaded. The only way to determine the proper pressure is to weight the rig and use a tire pressure chart provided by the tire manufacturer.

That said, I’ve never weighed my fifth wheel. But I know I’m heavy on the hitch so I run 80psi on the rear of the truck and about 65psi on the front. Watch your tire wear. If it seems to be doing okay then fine. If the tires are wearing unevenly then adjust pressure accordingly. If you have a trusted tire guy that’s been in the business for a while, drive by some day with the fifth wheel hitched and ask his advice. A good tie man can run his hand over the tread of a tire and tell you if you have a problem before it’s obvious to the eye.


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  1. Watch out. If you run your tire at 80psi on a bumpy road (like Mexico) or dirt road, it will possible blew up, as the max psi is usually 80 and the tire just can not handle more.
    So 80 psi is just fine if you only drive it on a flat highway, no topes, no ditches.

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