Tips on packing your RV for vacation

  • Before you start packing, un-pack. Use the opportunity to clean the interior including closets, cupboards, and pantry and take everything out of the RV that won’t be needed on the trip. Don’t forget the outside storages compartments.
  • Pack backward. What you load first in the RV should be what you will use last or least. So you can get to them easily, things you’ll need while en route, like snacks, games, maps and other trip aids should get packed last.
  • Snacks for the road. Munching is a typical activity on an RV road trips, but try to keep it healthy! Before you leave on a camping trip, set out bowls of raisins, granola and various nuts and let each person fill a bag.
  • Watch your weight. Be aware of your GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating), your GVCR (Gross Vehicle Combination Rating), NCC (Net Carrying Capacity) etc. Realize that what your unit can carry is limited.

RV Packing Tips and RV Life Lessons Plus Easy Living Hints
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