Tips for RVing to Alaska

This is the time of year when RVers start planning for the upcoming RV travel season. With that in mind, RVBasics Yahoo group member Dick offers these tips:

  • Take the Inter Island Ferry to get to Prince of Wales Island, AK. You ride free, your motorhome is charged $7 per foot and any passengers are charged a small fee. About a 3 hour ferry trip.
  • A must book is the The Milepost 2009: Alaska Travel Planner available from Gives you mile by mile locations of campgrounds, rest stops, fuel, attractions, you name it of all major and some minor roads of Canada and Alaska. When on last years 81 day 12,806 mile summer trip through the US, Canada and Alaska it was used every day as a guide of where to go and what to do.
  • I assume you will have Passports. For the pets you will need current Health Certificates and current rabbis documentation. Also make sure you have a current list of any medications for anyone including the pets. Besides a current drivers license, you will also need proof of insurance in Canada which is a card you can get from your current stateside insurance company at no charge.
  • Most all credit card companies are now charging a 3% foreign transaction fee for any charges made outside the US or its territories. So any charges you make in Canada may be subject to that fee when you go to pay your monthly credit card bill. You will not see that charge at the point of sale. Only when you get your statement will you see the charge. Call your credit card company and ask.
  • Cell phone calls originating from Canada can also bring further fees. Check with your wireless provider to see what their policies are. There are also some limited food restrictions as to what you can or can not bring into Canada or into Alaska or back into the south 48. And of course California also has some strict food regulations and inspects most every MH entering California.

Thanks Dick… we appreciate your contribution to the site.


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