Tips for Motorhome Drivers

Fellow RVer Don Sinclair offers these Motorhome tips.

Measure the total length of your rig plus the toad from bumper to bumper. Some parking places have length restrictions and if you don’t know your length, you have a problem. I keep a small card tucked into the edge of the dashboard with not only the length of my rig, but the height as well. You must know your height for things like tunnels or gates or fuel station stops.

If you have a rear view camera, turn it on, If you don’t have one, get one. There are many inexpensive cameras that work wirelessly now. Then adjust the camera so you can see your toad in the viewing field. I leave my camera on all the time I am towing, for a couple of reasons.

First you can routinely check the toad to be sure it is still with you and does not have a flat tire. Flats that go unnoticed can cause a fire. And second it is very handy when you have to pass a slow moving vehicle. By glancing in the camera, you can easily see when the toad has passed the front of the slow moving vehicle and safely pull back into your lane.

Increase your stopping distance by allowing more room between you and the vehicle in front of you. With that toad back there weighing 3,000 lbs. or so, you need extra stopping distance.

Another very important thing: You cannot back up with a toad. If you try, you can do severe damage to your hitch. You must drive in such a manner that you never put yourself in the position of having to reverse when the toad is back there. If you make a mistake, you will have to unhook the toad, reposition the rig, drive the toad into position and hook it up again.

Enjoy your toad and enjoy the drive, but be aware that the toad is back there at all times.

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  1. As long as you are measuring, measure from the top down and keep that number on the same card for total length. If you travel in Canada know that number in meters.

    I believe in NY the height of the bridge marked is wrong as the they are usually at least 12 inches more height than the signs says . If it says actual believe it.

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