Tips for Buying an RV – New or Used

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To determine the Recreation Vehicle that best fits your needs, your wants and your lifestyle, nothing can replace thorough research before buying a new or used RV.

Spend time researching different types of RVs, various makes and models and a variety of floor plans first-hand. RV shows let you evaluate lots of RVs offered by several RV dealers in one location. That makes it easier to comparison shop.

After you’ve narrowed your search, work closely with an RV sales associate at the RV dealership to examine various features of the recreation vehicle you’re interested in purchasing, including its creature comforts and living space floor plan, its engine specifications (when applicable), its tow-ability (when applicable), and the ins-and-outs of its optional equipment, including exactly how the refrigerator, stove, awnings, toilets, water pumps and holding tanks work.

Of course the more RVs you compare the better chance you’ll make the right decision. But it can get confusing and hard to remember which RV had what feature. The easiest way to keep it all straight is to use a RV buying checklist when inspecting each RV, make lots of notes and even take photos.

You can find a A Checklist for Buying an RV at

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