Threaded Rods for Emergency Repairs

Last week Fran and I had the opportunity to be guests of friends Betty & Everett at their membership park. We had a great week with lots of visiting.

The night before we were to leave Everett come over to ask if I had any blocks. He explained one of the bolts that held up his entry steps had broken and he wanted to prop them up with the blocks until he could get the RV repair guy to come and fix it.

I got some spare blocks out of the truck and we did get the steps propped up pretty well. He showed me how the bolt actually went down through the floor and a flange on the step. It was evident that if we had just had a bolt long enough we could fix it ourselves. I have a good size plastic box full of bolts, nuts, washers, screws, springs and bunch of other assorted hardware but no bolt long enough to bolt the step in place. What I did have though was a length of 3/8ths threaded rod.

With the rod, cut to the necessary length with a hacksaw, two nuts and washers, we had the steps repaired in about an hour.

Now I didn’t have that threaded rod on hand for emergency repairs, it was left over from another project, but after it came in so handy on those steps I’m thinking I’ll get some different sizes just in case. Even if the repair is only temporary until the proper bolt can be purchased it may get me back on the road sooner.
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