There are two ways to get fresh water into your RV.

The first is a direct connection to a potable water supply. An example is when you are at a campsite with hookups. You simply attach your water hose to the spigot at your campsite, and connect the other end to the City Water inlet on your RV. Turn on the spigot and you have water to the faucets your RV.

The other way is your freshwater tank. Usually the freshwater tank is filled through a gravity fill inlet. If you know that there won’ t be a water supply at your campsite, then you’ll want to fill your freshwater tank before you set out. When you need water, you’ll need to turn on your water pump which draws water from the fresh water tank.

It’s always a good practice to turn the water pump off if you’re going to be away from your RV.

If you have a new or new-to-you RV, don’t forget to sanitize your water system before you use it.
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