Take your time, stop and smell the roses.

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RVer Helen offers this advice to a new full time RVer but it’s good advise for any Rver::

Allow yourself plenty of time — when I started, I used a 2-4-4 rule for travel since I’m doing it alone and don’t have a relief driver — I planned to stop at 200 miles, 4 hours drive-time, or 4PM — whichever came first! As I got used to traveling with the RV, I ‘fudged’ on that rule quite frequently, but it helped me getting started by not pushing too hard — taking time to ‘smell the roses’ is the best part of the RV lifestyle!

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2 Responses to "Take your time, stop and smell the roses."

  1. so, can we contact Helen? I’ve got my house for sale and plan to purchase a used RV and hit the road….would love to talk/e-mail someone who’s doing it right now…

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