Some things Your RV guests should know.

Last updated on April 27th, 2009 at 07:02 pm

Weekends and other short trips in your RV can be good times when you invite special friends along for the fun. Whether you will be camping, touring or taking in a special event such as an auto race, golf tournament or big league game, your guests will need a crash course in RV living. It is your equipment so you have a vested interest in making sure it is treated properly. There are definite differences between house living and RV living.

One big difference is bathroom use. Your visitors should understand that there are certain things that should never be disposed of in an RV’s toilet or great problems will be created. Some of those items, for example, are paper towel, baby wipes, female products. Be sure to provide a trash receptacle in the restroom.

Bathroom users should use as little toilet paper as possible to do the job and then flush using enough water to clear the bowl of liquids and somewhat more for solids.

When boondocking water conservation is imperative.

Your guests should know the limitations of your RV generator/electrical system. Trying to run the Microwave, TV, laptop, margarita machine, hair dryer and other appliances all at the same time may overload it. At the least you may trip a circuit breaker. Know where the RV’s breaker panel and the GFI reset is in advance just in case. It wouldn’t hurt for responsible guests to be familiar with the panel as well.

If your traveling companions are not used to recreation vehicles you should give them a quick tour and make sure they are aware of such things as the in/out switches of slides, the outside connections to ‘shore’ power, water and sewage, light switches and even how the doors open and latch. The slide covering the latch on screen doors are particularly confusing to newbies.

Educating your friends a bit will make the trip a better experience for everyone.

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