Solar Power is Ideal for RVs

Use the sun to charge your RV batteries. RVs use mostly 12 volt direct current electricity. This makes them a perfect application for solar panels.

RV solar panel systems consist of as many as five panels installed on the roof of the RV where the sun can shine on them. The system connects to your batteries through a controller and charges them during the day.

The advantage to RV solar systems is silence and there are no moving parts, just the sun shining on the panels. You’ll never know they are even there.

The disadvantage is the relatively high initial cost… about $2500 for a multi-panal system and you’ll probably want a larger battery bank as well as an inverter to run 120 volt appliances.

Compared to the cost of a generator and it’s ongoing cost you may well decide a solar system is a better choice.

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  1. When we did our bus conversion in 2004, we added solar panels on the roof and are very glad we did. My husband’s idea, really, but he’s always been ahead of me on most things, particularly wanting to live on the bus in the first place!

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