Security in RV Parks & Campgrounds

Last updated on April 27th, 2009 at 06:56 pm

Generally speaking, we feel pretty safe in RV parks and campgrounds. In one snowbird RV park we didn’t even lock our door. But there is crime in RV parks and campgrounds and it’s foolish to ignore the possibility that you could be a victim. Here’s some tips to consider:

The RV park or campground itself is the biggest factor in determining your level of security. RV parks in urban settings are probably more prone to crime than the quiet campground tucked away in the country. But don’t let that make you complacent.

Question management about security… do they have nightly patrols? Is the park well lit? How hard is it for non-guests to come and go? Is there more than one entrance/exit?

Get in the habit of locking your rig every time you leave your site. We had gotten so complacent about leaving the door unlocked at our favorite RV park that when we moved on we often forget to lock it. Now we just lock it every time no matter how safe we feel just to stay in the habit.

Lock exterior storage compartments and windows.
Lock your towed or tow vehicle.
Close blinds and shades to make “casing the joint” harder.
Put away any outdoor gear… cooking items, chairs etc. … Anything you don’t want to loose. This is especially important at night.
Be aware of your surroundings.

Consider a small fire-resistant safe for your important papers and valuables. RVs burn hot but also fast so any safe that’s rated for 30 minutes or more should be fine. Of course it will have to be securely fastened to the RV or it won’t be much of a theft deterrent.
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One Response to "Security in RV Parks & Campgrounds"

  1. A comment on locking the outside compartments. Most of the locks are all keyed the same as all other RV’s.

    I would suggest changing all of the outside locks, with an all keyed alike lock so only one key would be all you would have to keep track of.

    I use the round type key on mine. Also, I recommend a lock for the hitch. That might keep your whole rig from being towed off.

    Pete Soots

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