Secure Your RV Doors and Drawers For Travel Like a Flight Attendant

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RVer Darlene Durham offers this tip:

I begin by turning on a light in each area of our motorhome, which for us is the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen/living area. I start in the furthest corner of the bedroom and push on each overhead cabinet door and every drawer to ensure it is latched. Sometimes a cabinet door or drawer looks closed but it may not be latched and can fly open during the movement of travel. I also ensure the closet doors and the door to the bathroom are secure as I make my way around the room. When all is secure in the bedroom, I turn off the light as I move to the bathroom and repeat the process in each room until I get to the front of the motorhome.

If I am interrupted during the process, I look to see which room’s light is still on. If the light is off, I know I finished that room. If the light is on, I know I did not complete securing that room and will start over from the beginning in that room. I always double check that I secured our mirrored closet doors and glass shower door as a glass door banging open during travel could result in broken glass.

The contents inside the cabinets and drawers also need to be secured such as putting non-slip material between dishes and packing contents, including refrigerator contents, tightly to avoid movement. When first starting out RVing, we recommended you have a checklist for securing all areas of your RV for travel until you get a process in place that works for you. This “flight attendant” process only takes a few minutes and has worked well for us for years in ensuring all doors and drawers are latched and secure for travel.

As long time RVers with tens of thousands of miles traveling in our RVs, we like to think we have learned a thing or two about RVs and the RV lifestyle. We hope you will join us on the road and enjoy this wonderful way of traveling. Get more tips about RVs and RVing at our website

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