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Seeing new sights is a big part of what make RVing so great. Of course we all like to take photos of the places we’ve been, not only to show family and friends back home but as reminders to us.

Today’s Tip is offered by RVer Richard Bauer:

Like many of you we use a digital camera to record photos of our travels. A couple of days ago while touring the Bandeleir National Monument in New Mexico I discovered that 100+ photos that I had taken at the monument and at another location during the previous day had vanished. They were no longer on the memory card. A few minutes later (after taking a few more photos) it happened again. The memory card was self-erasing itself.

I normally download the photos from the camera to our laptop every day but I neglected to do that the night before. As a result of my inattention we lost a lot of photos. It could have been worse. I could have lost a whole weeks worth as the memory card can store 365 erhigh-res images. I should’ve known better.

I am a fanatic about backing up the data, programs and operating system files on our computers. In fact I maintain multiple copies of each backup on separate hard drives. For whatever reason I just never thought of our camera as a computer but that’s exactly what it is and I should have been treating it accordingly.

Had I done the download the night before it wouldn’t have prevented the loss of the photos at the Bandeleir NM, but maybe I wouldn’t have lost the photos from the day before.

The moral of the story and consider this the ‘tip’: learn from my mistake and download the photos from your camera to your hard drive(s) frequently… daily is best… and then be sure to backup those files. You never can tell when your digital camera will malfunction.

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