RVer Uses T-Mobile SIM Card for Internet

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RV Tip Of The Day reader Lee Turner shares this RV Tip:

All the major cell phone providers I know of now offer “something” along the lines of a T-Mobile SIM Card and while I can’t speak for their quality or tell you much about their contract/service plans I can vouch for my T-Mobile product. It is a God send.

The T-Mobile SIM Card fits into my Dell Lap Top, (it is idiot proof too) and it can be disabled/enabled/removed for international travel as well.

My T-Mobile plan affords me unlimited, free, anytime Internet minutes, anywhere or where ever I can get a T-Mobile signal on my cell phone (with no roaming charges) and for only about $49.00 per month plus taxes. You can use your phone while using the Internet too. The two are not dependant on each other. If your cell phone gets a signal your SIM card will too and it works also while the motor home is in motion. No more depending on spotty or poorly maintained and usually very slow Wi-Fi service areas or having to pay a fee to use someone’s Wi-Fi such as one usually has to do when in truck plazas and the like.

I promise you this connection I have and am using right now is as fast as any DSL line I have ever used in a private residence and faster still than what one gets at Kinko’s / FedEx stores or your typical Internet Cafe. And forget Bluetooth. Anyone still using that to connect more than the hands free of a cell phone is living in the dark ages….lol.

I exclusively “boon dock” in my new 2008 Monaco 40′ Diesel Pusher Signature Series and with this T-Mobile SIM Card, and just a portable laptop I am always “connected.”

Note from Steven: Not all laptops have built in cellular radios that accept SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) cards.

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  1. Thanks for the great tip – we are researching which internet service provider to use – had not checked out T-mobile yet – like the price and your recommendation!

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