RVer uses Airpot Long-Term Parking to Store Motorhome

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Last updated on April 27th, 2009 at 06:43 pm

RV Tip Of The Day reader Lee Turner shares this RV Tip:
I fly the 777 internationally out of our Miami hub and am rarely “gone” for more than 4 days; when I return from work I am usually home 4 -6 days and so I more often than not “commute” to which ever airport’s long term parking facility I left my rig at last. Keep that in mind for your own travels, most airports, large and small have fenced, 24/7 secured, “long term parking lots,” (there are many “competitive” lots nearby too that are privately owned.

All will have free shuttle service running to the terminals 24/7 as well, or leave your tow vehicle outside the LTP Gate and simply walk out on your own. I have never run across one that didn’t accommodate a 40-45′ RV easily, and I’ve never been charged more than the day rate of a car (even though I take up about 6 spaces…lol) which is usually $3 – $8 per day…never more than $12 and that is in LAX and JFK. (Granted, I am usually in my uniform when I arrive and that does often times smooth my way at airports…lol…but these prices are available for the public as well as Crew Members.)

If you can get your rig through the gate you can usually park there and remember you don’t have to be on a scheduled flight to park at the airport. I think this beats $20 a day in a trailer park or storage area (such as the national chain Public Storage) which are often times in bad parts of town. I have a lot of money invested in my Monaco Signature and I don’t leave it for long “just anywhere”…I am sure most of you readers feel the same way about their rigs.

Just another little trick I picked up along the way so as to make it possible for me to live on the road in between my work trips.
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One Response to "RVer uses Airpot Long-Term Parking to Store Motorhome"

  1. Very interesting. I am wondering if anyone has “Boondocked” at an airport for a few days. This would make getting into large cities easier for Class B RV users like us who need to use public transportation.

    ..Sue Spahn

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