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closet storage drawersEveryone, it seems, has a junk drawer. In traditional houses it’s usually in the kitchen and is filled with all manor of stuff from a flashlight and extra batteries to rubber bands, paper clips and tools.

Fran found a small 3-drawer storage cabinet that fits well in our closet The drawers are lager enough to store lots of miscellanies cables, adaptors and power supplies for all our electronics plus other stuff that seems to migrate to a junk drawer.

Of course along with adding more storage space often comes adding more stuff to store. It can get out of had if you;re not careful.

Coachmen Yahoo Group member Carol offers these storage tips:

I’m not a neat freak at home but having a few things out of place in the smaller confines of an RV bothers me. I found a short trash can with a lid at the dollar store. Plastic grocery bags fit perfect and the thing sits under my kitchen sink. It fit under the sink in our last RV as well. It’s short enough that if I needed that space under the sink it could sit out under the fridge and the door would clear the top of it.

I keep a laundry basket in the shower for dirty clothes. It’s no trouble to set it out to use the shower. We have used a laundry bag hung on a hook that fits over the shower door but I’d rather have it out of sight in the shower.

You could probably fit a laundry basket in the bottom of a bedroom closet.

I’ve solved the problem with books! I got an eReader. Mine is a Kindle and I’ve loaded up with books and can even upload books on the road.

For papers and things like that just get a manila envelope and stand it up in one of your overhead cabinets.

I like using baskets and plastic containers in cabinets for small things that might normally go in a drawer. I also found a nice basket (oblong box) to set beside the door, behind a chair to keep flash light, dog leashes and things like that handy and out of sight. Have fun, as time goes on everything will find a place.

And from the same group Marj Vincent offer more tips:

We have two mirrored sliding doors in our clothes closet. My closet goes floor to ceiling. The closet is about 4 1/2 feet long. There is a lot of wasted space in the closet once the clothes are hung up. One thing we did to have more storage in my clothes closet was to build a low shelf. The shelf is the same dimensions as the floor and is about 12 inches off the floor. I put all our shoes under the shelf and because my clothes only hang down about half way to the floor, I can put two stackable plastic white drawers on each side of the closet on the shelf. I needed a place to put my laundry basket, so I took out one plastic drawer and placed the laundry basket on top of the other one. It fits in there perfectly under the hanging shirts.

I have to admit the shoes are a little difficult to reach without getting down on the floor, but most of the time the shoes I wear every day I don’t put in the closet. So the few times I want different shoes is no big deal considering the extra amount of space I have now for storage. Those white plastic drawers are very big and hold a lot of stuff.



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