RV Slide Out Operation and Troubleshooting

RV Slide Out Operation and Troubleshooting

Last updated on April 18th, 2015 at 09:12 pm

RV Slide out systems require 12 Volt DC electricity from your RV Batteries to operate so check the voltage of your battery and charge if/as needed BEFORE any troubleshooting.

If there is no response when you operate the slide out switch, check for blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker. It could be in the ‘house’ fuse/breaker panel, around the battery compartment or in the power line at the motor.

There two basic types of RV slide out systems, hydraulic and mechanical.

Hydraulic RV slide out mechanisms use a motor-driven hydraulic pump to actuate a hydraulic ram which pushes out or pulls in the slide out. The direction is controlled by a combination of valves.

In addition to electrical problems outlined above, hydraulic slides can fail due to low hydraulic fluid level, fluid leaks and defective valves.

There are two basic types of mechanical RV slide out systems, screw-jack and rack and pinion.

<p “>The screw jack slide out systems generally utilize the same components used in fifth wheel landing gear only placed horizontally.

Rack and Pinion RV Slide Out System
Rack and Pinion RV Slide Out System

Rack and pinion slide out system manufacturers use different configurations but the graphic shows generally how they work.

In addition to electrical problems, mechanical slide out systems will fail due to broken shear pins, gears and clutches.

If the slide out moves slow or jerks when moving, check for binding around the wall and ceiling the slide out passes through. Look for any objects that don’t belong there. Using caution not to cut yourself, run your fingers around the inner and outer seals, between the slide and the RVs wall opening, top and sides. NYJim says he’s seen tree branches and other items… a fishing pole, a wet tightly rolled T-Shirt, beer cans, used fireworks displays, and a “lost” Winegard TV Antenna… lodged between the top of the slide and the opposing wall, causing the whole room to come to a stand-still!

If there is no obvious reason for the binding it’s probably time to contact an RV repair center. It could be the slide out is out of adjustment and needs re-aligned.

Most slide out systems provide a way to manually operate the slide out if problems arise.

For hydraulic systems this usually requires relieving pressure in the hydraulic ram and physically pushing the slide out… ask some friends to help you.

Mechanical slide out systems usually provide a hand crank but you may have to remove the motor first. Make sure you have the the proper crank handle.

Your owners manual should provide the specific procedure for you slide out.  If you don’t have a manual, contact the RV manufacture or slide out component manufacturer for that information.  If that is not possible then it would be worth the expense to have an RV tech show you how to do it.  And you should know how before you need to do it.

Slide out systems require 12 Volt DC electricity from your RV Batteries to operate so check the voltage of your battery and charge if/as needed BEFORE any troubleshooting.

If there is no response when you operate the slide out switch, check for blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker. It could be in the ‘house’ fuse/breaker panel, around the battery compartment or in the power line at the motor.

There two basic types of slide out mechanisms, hydraulic and mechanical.

Hydraulic mechanisms use a motor-driven hydraulic pump to actuate a hydraulic ram which pushes out or pulls in the slide out. The direction is controlled by a combination of valves.

In addition to electrical problems outlined above, hydraulic slides can fail due to low hydraulic fluid level, fluid leaks and defective valves.

There are two basic types of mechanical slide out mechanisms, screw-jack and rack and pinion.

The screw jack systems generally utilize the same components used in fifth wheel landing gear only placed horizontally.,/p>

Rack and pinion system manufacturers use different configurations but the graphic shows generally how they work.

In addition to electrical problems, mechanical slide out systems will fail due to broken shear pins, gears and clutches.

If the slide moves slow or jerks when moving, check for binding around the wall and ceiling the slide out passes through. Look for any objects that don’t belong there. Using caution not to cut yourself, run your fingers around the inner and outer seals, between the slide and the RVs wall opening, top and sides. NYJim says he’s seen tree branches and other items… a fishing pole, a wet tightly rolled T-Shirt, beer cans, used fireworks displays, and a “lost” Winegard TV Antenna… lodged between the top of the slide and the opposing wall, causing the whole room to come to a stand-still!

It’s also possible that a drawer or cabinet door has opened during travel and is lodged in the slide out.  It happened to us!  Always listen for unusual noise and watch for erratic movement whenever you operate your slide outs.

If there is no obvious reason for the binding it’s probably time to contact an RV repair center. It could be the slide out is out of adjustment and needs re-aligned.

Most slide out systems provide a way to manually operate the slide out if problems arise.

For hydraulic systems this usually requires relieving pressure in the hydraulic ram and physically pushing the slide out… ask some friends to help you.

Mechanical slide out systems usually provide a hand crank but you may have to remove the motor first. Make sure you have the the proper crank handle.

Your owners manual should provide the specific procedure for you slide out.  If you don’t have a manual, contact the RV manufacture or slide out component manufacturer for that information.  If that is not possible then it would be worth the expense to have an RV tech show you how to do it.  And you should know how before you need to do it.


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255 Responses to "RV Slide Out Operation and Troubleshooting"

  1. I have a Catalina Coachmen. The slide will slide in but will not slide out by the electric motor. I can slide it out manually with no problem. Could this be a bad switch? Thanks

  2. We have a Sunnybrook
    5th. wheel trailer. We have striped a gear in the slide out gear box. If we email you some pictures of the gear box, can you ID the manufacture ?
    It is a rack and pinion drive.


  3. have a 98 damon challenger slide out would only come in. had spare circuit board same thinng. put power direct to motor still nothing pulled motor, {powergear} hooked to bat worked fine.

  4. Have a 2006 Heartland Mt. Rushmore, slides move out when going down the road. Have tried numerous things. Out of ideas.

  5. Have a Lance Cabover camper 1181
    2009 or 2010 model. Has a full slide
    on driver side. Slide worked perfectly
    Thu while loading. Arrived at dest
    Thu pm and remote did not
    engage slide. Did engage jacks.
    Was told to use manual system
    by turning switch to manual and
    hand cranking slide out. Worked
    smoothly til about half way out and
    something snapped. we now have
    slide half out and cant retract.
    Need to travel tomorrow. Any suggestions.

  6. We have Keystone Residence trailer and we have problems with the slide outs. The trailer itself is level but one slide out is not level. How do I correct this? Is there something I need to adjust to correct this?

  7. I have 2007 prowler Fifth wheel with a superslide. It is very noisy when it slides in or out? Any suggestions?

  8. If you are looking to fix the problem yourself, you will have to find the cause of the scraping noise.

    Have someone operate the slide while you listen. Go outside and listen. Get under the slide (be carful while the slide is in operation) and listen. If you are able to pinpoint the cause you will know what needs to be repaired and whether or not you can do the job yourself.

    Some slide-out mechanisms require lubrication as part of preventive maintenance. The keyword their is some, the manual for my slide-outs specifically say not to lubricate.

  9. Hi there. one of our slide out mechanism is damaged andwe need to find another one. any ideas where to get one of these things.


  11. I have a 28 ft. 5th. Wheel with a 12 ft. slide. When I put AW 30 oil in the resivor it leaks our of the pump it started out slow and now leaks faster. Other that the oil leaking it works great. Is there a quick fix to seal the pump with out haveing to spend $1200 for a new pump.

  12. I have a 5th wheel KZ Sportsmen 27 ft with one slide out for dinning and sofa. When I move the slideout in it makes no unusual noises. However, when moved it out it clunks a bit. I have liberaly lubricated it. What do you think is wrong with the slidout system?

  13. It could be several things but I don’t have enough information. Your bets chance of finding out what’s wrong is to try and isolate where the clunks are coming from. Have someone operate the slide while you listen. Go outside to listen if you hear the clunks better.

  14. I have a hydraulic slide. The slide goes out fine, but when I bring it in, the slide continues to come in even after I let go of the switch. It does not happen every time. Loose wire, bad switch, something else?

  15. I have a 1955 Rainbow 12′ (Canned Han) travel trailer which I am restoring. I would like to add a slide out if possible. Can you recommend lightweight slide out componants/system or a custom manufacturer?

  16. Do a Google search for ‘aftermarket slide out’ and Custom slide out’ to find companies who do that.

    Here are a cuple I found:

    You may be able to get a salvaged slide out mecanisum fairly cheap. I would recommend a mechanical rack & pinion type rather than hydraulic.

    realize you will no doubt have to beef up the frame which will add additional weight which may require a new axle with a higher load rating.

    A slide out would be nice, I’m not sure, but a tip out may be easier to install in such a small trailer.

  17. I have a 2002 sunny brook 5th wheel. I’m trying to get the bedroom slide motor and drive box out can’t find away to get at motor end. looks like i have to cut plywood to get it out.

  18. I have a 2005 Sanpiper fifth wheel. I have not let out the three slides for two years. I hit the switch, I hear the motor but the slides do not come out. Will the pump work even if the battery is low but the pump runs?

  19. I have a 2005 30′ Cardindal with three slides. One of the big slides comes out crooked, or one side of it gets ahead of the other. Have to jockey with it to get it back in straight. Any ideas?

  20. I have a 2005 prowler 32 when the slide-out is all the way out it needs a push to get it started in. could it need adjustment? looks like the rear of the slide (closest to the back of the trailer) is a little high.

  21. Have a 2004 Winnebago Journey. Slide comes in but after sitting a while the bottom slides back out. It can move out about 8-10″ and stays there until we pull it back in. Any thoughts on what problem might be?

  22. One side of the slide out is lower that the trailer floor inside. It’s a tract system with gears. It has up and down adjustments underneath that would raise and lower the back side of the slideout. Question I have is what supports the inside edge as the slide moves in over the trailer floor.

  23. My Sprinter slide out will slide in, but will not slide out. It only makes a “click” noise at the “Trombetta”, and a click is heard somewhere back around the refrigerator somewhere. It will run the motor if the “In” button is pressed, but will not run the motor if the “Out” button is pressed, except once every hundred or so clicks. The switch is OK and jumpering it does not help… All contacts have been cleaned and di-electric greased. Any other suggestions?

  24. Good Morning,

    Have a 2005 Challenger motor home with 3 slide-outs. Was bringing in the main living room slide yesterday, slide came in a little bit, but began jerking and wouldn’t move inwards anymore. Moved it back out the 8 inches it came in,without any problem, and tried bringing it back in again…..only to have the same jerking that happened earlier. It goes out without any problem, yet won’t come in without jerking and stopping at a certain point. Suppose to leave for Nascar races in few days. HELP!

  25. I have a 1992 Hitchhiker with a hydralic system for the large slide and it won’t return. The Hudralic pump is hard to get to and I don’t know how much oil is supposed to be in the pump but it is about half full. The adjustment on the valves, how do you do this and what happens if you do something wrong, I would assume that the pump would only put out so much pressure. I re4placed a portion of the floor but I made sure that the splice was inside the metal slide part at the bottom. Any input is appreciated. Thyanks Mel

  26. Gosh Steven…you’re indefatigable!
    My story is that i have a 1993 Alfa SeeYa 37′ with Bedroom & Living Rooms electric slides. Last time I wanted to roll out the LR, it hung and tripped out the over-limit…no problem I thought…there’s got to be a manual solution. Outside I found a single bolet-head in the middle and figured AHA – that’s it! But after 10-12 turns I was holding the bolt in my hand and the slide was disconnected from the drive mechanism…GREAT! Well the upside is that now I could get some muscle and mmove the slide out for ur quasi-permanenet weekend getaway but the downside is that now it’s time to move on and I can’t get the slide mechanism to jack in or out…just spins merrily clockwise or counter-clockwise depending on the switch alternation…what or?! Got underneath and tried holding the inner (spinning) shaft thinking it must be intended to be stationary in order for the screw to drive it in or out…just drops out on over-current! How are these things supposed to work? Can’t get the bolt back in in this situation (slide is out and the driver is inand I don’t have the muscle around to push it back in manually)…What to do?!

  27. We have a 37ft Montana with 3 pop outs. One of them will not seal all the way and leaves quit a big gap. We live in it in snow country and have a Local Rv Repair guy comming to look at it but he does not know much about the slide outs. Could it be out of ajustment and if that might be the problem how can it be ajusted.

  28. I’m assuming your slide outs are hydraulically operated. If so, you may have a leak in a hydraulic hose or valve. In the past, and maybe still today, RVs with hydraulic slide outs came with slide out bars that are inserted between the RV wall and the flange on the slide out. They are primarily used while traveling to prevent the slide outs from extending while on the road but may be used anytime.

  29. Unless your RV has some type of structural problem then, yes, it is most likely the slide out mechanism is out of alignment. There are a handful of different slide out systems so it’s impossible to give you specific advice even if I was an expert, which I am not. My advice it to hire an RV tech who does know about slide outs. You may also want to contact the manufacturer for advice if possible.

  30. I have a 1997 Jayco 5th wheel. The big slideout has a 1″X 6″ wood border along the inside top and sides and when it is out one corner is pushed out about a 1/4″. It is rack and pinion. When it is moved to the out position the bottom of the slideout stops but the top continues to move. When I move it in the bottom moves first and I have to literally pull on the top before it will move on it’s own. It has me very puzzled. Any idea’s would be welcomed.

  31. I have a 2003 Outback and the slide out won’t slide out and we keep blowing fuses. It was working fine about 45 minutes before we tried to open it again. Any help would be great!!

  32. It would seem that you have a short in the slide-out circuit… basically two circuits, one for in and one for out. Or it could be something has jammed and when you try to send the slide out it is putting too much load on the motor. Two possibilities to look for.

  33. From your description your slide out seems to be out of adjustment. You really need to get this fixed before the problem gets worse. A repair that could be simple and relatively cheap could turn into a several thousand dollar problem if left to get worse.

  34. Good Evening, I had to leave my 06 Montana (3500 R L) 5th Wheel up in the park today because the center slide wouldn’t retract. It attempts to move, but appears to hang on the opposite side of the slide from the hydraulic piston. It extended without a problem when I arrived on Monday. Any suggestions. A friend in the park did call a tech and he asked me to close the valves (4) and open them one at a time and see if that would allow the slides to retract, I followed his advice and it allowed me to retract the two opposing living room slides, but didn’t help with the dinning room slide.

  35. Just getting into RVing and bought an older no slide RV. I have reservations about slides from maintenance viewpoint. However, it occurred to me that if someone would make a narrower RV, I could feel more comfortable driving it. And use slides to give back space. Any chances of such an RV?

  36. When you are new to RVing it is typical to be intimidated by their large size. There are a few who never really get used to it but most do and it doesn’t take all that long. Practicing turning and backing in a large empty lot helps a lot. There are also RV driving schools and the people who have attended say they’re a great confidence builder.

    As for narrow RVs with slideouts… not likely to happen. There is a trend to smaller lighter towables but adding slideouts to them would defeat any weight saved by making them smaller.

  37. In ’06 we bought a new ’07 discovery, A Big Lemon. No help from fletwood or dealer in Medford, OR. We have put about 5000 miles on it. We are finally getting the electical system fixed with the new and improved regulator that fleetwood changed to in ’07 because the ones that was installed were defected, and caused us to have to replace all six batteries. Fleetwood sent one of the old type regulators to the repair shop and of course it died also. Now we are having trouble with the large sideout. Our RV has been in the shop all summer and is still there in November. There is no
    help from Fleetwood. The drivers side window has separated. I got the answer, sorry we do not honor former Fleetwood manufactrer warrantees I know there is a Federal Lemon law for RV’s, that I am going to look into. I am not the only one out there that has concerns. The first thing that failed were the brakes, not installed properly. It was a scarry ride. One would think the company who bought out Fleetwood and kept the Fleetwood name would be happy to help former customers.

  38. i have a 1986 36ft comfort aire fifth wheel that needs some adjustments on the slide out ..where might i find the information on how to adjust it..it still works ,just getting wore out and could use a little tweeking

  39. i have a 2000 33ft companion 5th wheel. the slide works perfect but i have no lights. theirs 2 wires going to slide 1 has a plugin which works. the other is going to the lights i assume but their is no power on it. i have checked the breakers all good but the dc fuses hav no power. can u help me?

  40. I want to find out how to adjust my dewalt system on my 98 damon challenger as I have bent the rollers twice and it goes in and out at an angle

  41. I have a 1996 hitch hiker travel trailer with one slide I hear the slide motor but no movement which bolts are the hauling lock nuts

  42. hydraulic Slide out problems are no fun. Our 07 Winnebago 38′ has now had 3 major incidents. The culprit has always been leaking then the reservoir runs dry (without you knowing) and getting air in the lines. Plus, one time a solenoid blew apart and had to limp in 300 miles to a dealer. HWH, the company who built the system have so many problems with their junk you have to get on a 2 week waiting list just to get a call back for tech support.
    Winnebago would be smart to use another sub-contractor for their hydraulics, one who can make a good product that will not break down every time you use the coach. These problems reflect on Winnebago who builds an outstanding coach.

    Replacement parts take minimum 2 weeks to get and you can only use their parts because they have made special fitting sizes so you cannot use after market, custom parts.

    Winnebago should really use a different parts supplier.

  43. Stuck in the woods. Cannot retract my drivers side slide. Fuse is ok, in panel in front drivers side . How can I bring it in manually need pics . 2006 tiffin phaeton. Thanks

  44. have new 2014 sierra 356saqb, large slide sticks 1/2 way in while retracting and travels up on inside! not do all the time. dealer saying just needs seals lubricated and will not do anymore and is dragging in the top seal forcing it up in air on the indide about 8 inches and then gets stuck. if u step on slide it will rock down back to the floor and come in ok. Is this seal thing true?

  45. Roy,

    Your slide doesn’t seem to be working properly, whatever the cause. There are many different slide mechanisms and they all operate somewhat differently. It’s not possible for me to give you specific advice. Here is some basic advise.

    Has the dealer lubed the seals? If so, and it’s still not working right, take it back and make them fix it.

    Contact Forrest River customer service for their help in putting pressure on the dealer the do the job properly.

    Find another dealer that is willing to do the repair.

    Take video and/or photos of the problem to document what is happening. You can show it to the repair tech to help him diagnose the problem but having the video/photos will also get it on record for future warrantee claims if needed.

    I found this form http://www.forestriverforums.com/forums there may be others. Asking other owners is the best way to get answers. Most likely at least a few other owners have had the same problem and can offer specific advice.

  46. caravanfinanceloans.com.au · Edit

    I agree with Steven. If you are still under warranty, ask your insurance company’s assistance. For sure they know the answers. Or, if you want to do it your way, join RV communities (such as forestriverforum) and ask the experts.

    Just my two cents 😉

  47. The slide o my 33 ft Motor home will barely move out but once exstnded will retrack just fine, what could be wrong?

  48. We have a 2013 Dutchmen travel trailer, our slide makes a awful noise when moving in and out, it seems to open and close fully just sounds like its rubbing on wood or something, what could be wrong?

  49. As long as you are sure the slide is operating properly then I would not worry. Slideouts have a rubber gasket that acts kind of like a squeegee to keep the slide mostly weather sealed as it moves in and out. My guess is that gasket is what you are hearing. But to be sure you should check with your trusted RV tech.

  50. we are having trouble with the fluid leaking around the seal in a small slide on our camper. It is a 2008 Keystone Hornet. We can get absolutely NO help from CAMPING WORLD where we purchased it from, and was told to either replace or repack the seal. Do you think that this is the way to go with the repair? It was initially set up long term for about 5 years, without the slides being moved in or out. We have just recently started moving it from place to place and not we have this problem. Thank you so much for taking the time to get back to me.

  51. Butch,

    I am assuming you are referring to hydraulic fluid leaking from the ram. If the leak is a slow leak then you may want to give the seal a little time to soften up and re-seal. Operate the slide several times over a few days and see if it is still leaking.

    If the slow leak persists or the leak is really bad then it’s time to consider a repair. I’m not an expert on hydraulics but I what think haveing the ram repaired will be cheaper than purchasing a new one but in a throw-a-way world I may wrong. So get a price for both.

    If you can remove the ram yourself you can save that labor fee plus you can take the part to a hydraulics specialty shop for expert repair and/or advice.

    I’m not advising you to do this but it’s something I would try. If the leak is bad enough that it drains your reservoir over a short period of time I would add some power steering or automatic transmission stop leak to refill the reservoir. You can get just the stop leak or you can get the hydraulic fluid with the stop leak as an additive. Which you use would be determined by how low the reservoir is. If it half full the add the fluid with additive. If the reservoir just needs a top-off then just add the stop leak. Again this is not advise. I’m only telling you what I would do. If you try it let me know if it did or did not work.

    The best advice I can give you is to talk with a hydraulic specialist and be more specific about the the nature of the leak. Be sure to tell him the camper slide has not been operated for several years.

  52. back bedroom slide (hydraulic) just quit on me. the slide seemed to hang up a bit and just quit. 38 foot forrest river sandpiper. no clicking (dead) when using switch, which usually engages both front (which is working fine) and back slides. no signs of leaking. could it be a breaker popped – if so, where look?

  53. The first, obvious, place to look is your RV’s fuse/breaker panel. If you don’t see a blown fuse or tripped breaker their then there may be a fuse/breaker near the motor for the slide. IF you can contact the manufacturer’s help/customer service they may be able to give you advice.

  54. Hope someone can help. We just bought a new 27ft travel trailer, however the seller just put a new battery in it. The slide out works great, however nothing else will work on the battery. We changed the fuses and that did not work. Please help

  55. Can anybody tell me if there is a manual override for the slideout on 2002 wildcat by forest river? Also: any suggestions to troubleshoot why it won’t operate? Already checked fuses. Everything else (electrical) works fine.
    any links to tell me how to extended and closed manualy also there is anything between the battery to the motor and switches I missed?

  56. Message for Kelly. Look for a DC disconnect switch, it needs to be in the on position. Our DC disconnect switch is located near our water hookup area on our camper. We have to insert an orange plastic key to turn it on. This will help run some of the lights and the ignitor if u have a fridge that runs off LP.

  57. We had two blowouts on both rear tires on our 1999 carri-lite fifth wheel. Damaged both sides under the wheel wells.
    Now there the electric button that runs on both electricity snd battery does not work. We can only open manually. Any suggestions on where to start to repair?

  58. I’m not convinced the blowout damage and the slideout problem are related… they could be but unless one of the blowouts broke the wires (you should be able to see that) the I can see a relationship.

    As with all electrical problems, start by checking the fuse. It is the easiest to check and almost always the problem. Next, check to see if you have power the the switch. If you don’t have power to the switch then there is a break in the wire from the fuse to the switch. If you do have power the check for power to the motor. If you don’t have power to the motor then there is a break in the wire from the switch to the motor. If you have power to the motor but the motor doesn’t run then it is an issue with the motor.

  59. 06 coachmen captiva. rear bed slide is coming apart from rear wall. what is the maker of this slide? it mounts vertical and has scissor arms on the side. looking for pictures of this construction.

  60. I have a 2007 Forest River Sierra 321BHT Travel Trailer. One of the sliders in the back bedrooms wont come out and had to be hand cranked out. Does anyone have an idea how we can fix this

  61. I have a 95 Sierra by Cobra 5th Wheel. The slide out went out fine but won’t come back in. I here the motor working but it won’t move (it moved about a foot in really slow but won’t move anymore. It is a hydraulic system. I have tried to find the manual override but only find the one at theend of the pump – would that one work if it is getting power – just not moving? Any ideas how to get the slide back in?

  62. My slides are mechanical (rack and pinion) so i don’t have first-hand knowledge of hydraulic slides. What I do know is that if it was working but it isn’t now, and you can hear the motor running then it’s likely a bad valve… unless you have a leaking supply line. I know an RVer who got caught in the middle of nowhere with a slide that didn’t want to go back in. Rather than pay a tech major bucks for a ‘house call’ he swapped the bad valve for another in the system and got the slide in then drove the motorhome to the shop to get the valve replaced and the system checked out. He is a handyman type so it wasn’t a big deal for him but I don’t know if I would want to do that.

  63. I have an ’09 Fleetwood Pulse, a 24′ unit on a Sprinter frame. We have one fairly long slide and the forward end does not go out far enough to make a good, water tight seal. Is their an adjustment that can be made to get that side out about 3/4″ farther?

    If so, I believe that would then make a good seal. Appreciate any help/input.

    James Bond
    Encinitas, CA

  64. I have a 2008 Jayco Jayflight with two slides, The main slide goes out fine however when it goes back in if you allow the motor to ratchet once it seats, it will not come back out unless you use a wrench to relieve the pressure on the main gear

  65. We have a 2008 Keystone Outback. We just tried to retract the driver’s side slideout…the motor/electrical was working (sounded fine) but the slideout didn’t move. We could push it in manually but we were afraid it would just slide back out while driving so we had to leave it behind. Is there a belt or something that could have broke? It wouldn’t move at all. Help!

  66. I have a 2006 Sunnybrook ST 34 RIKS having three slides. The living room slide with the fridge etc. would only go out halfway and started clicking. The slide on the opposite side went all the way out and hung… And now, the bedroom slide won’t go in. I check all my fuses and breakers and all are good. I was stymied so I pulled a large belly plate (not sure if that is the right terminology) and removed all the insulation to reveal the mechanical racks. Located the square knob and was able to use a wrench to open my living room slide so I could use the RV while parked at my ranch in a large barn I had built for it. I suspect I will need to replace what looks like a gear box on the living room slide because oil seems to be leaking in that area. I also suspect since all my fuses and breakers are OK, that I’m getting low voltage out of the battery. I’ll pull the battery before cold weather hits and test it.

    Wow, what a mess getting that belly pan off. Not much room for me to work there. At first I was a tad intimidated. I didn’t get a manual with my Sunnybrook and just started taking things apart. I have no real experience in RV trouble shooting and repair, but did once build a real airplane, installing the engine and avionics, instruments… And tearing into the Sunnybrooks today was nearly as scary when I first flew my airplane off an airport runway for the first time, but at least while I was laying under my RV scratching my head, I didn’t have a lot of spectators, so that took the pressure off me with my RV…

  67. I have a 1993 hitchhiker n I wanna remove 2 tiny slide walls & ceiling. Then seal living room slide in permanently. I will use slide floor n outer wall in place. How do I do this?
    Please help.

  68. Our 2014 Cougar 5th wheel squeals & makes a
    horrible scraping noise at floor level when retracted.
    Can you someway lube the rollers? Also does
    humidity affect it?

  69. We have a 2000 Monaco Windsor. We were closing the living rm/kitchen slide and it started going in uneven. Meaning one side was staying further out than the other. We put the slide back out and tried again and hydraulic fluid started leaking from underneath the corner that was dragging. We were able to finally get the slide all the way in evenly and the leak stopped. What do you think could be going on? I sure hope we can resolve it ourself and not bring it in for repair ;(

  70. First you need to find and repair the hydraulic fluid leak. Once you have that fixed you can try to move the slide. If it works properly then all is well. Otherwise, diagnose and repair. My bet is that once the leak is fixed the slide will work properly.

  71. New to RVing and just bought a 2006 Forest River Palomino Travel trailer. It has been parked and not used since Oct. 2014. Battery has been unhooked and it is winterized. I have two questions. Does the battery have to be hooked back up to put the slide out or will it go out by just plugging up the electricity?
    Also, I do not plan to put any water in the RV until there is no chance of freezing weather. Will it harm the water heater by plugging it in? The heating element rod has been removed. Thanks!

  72. The slide and lights etc. may work without the battery connected but I don’t think it’s a good idea. The power converter/charger is designed to operate with the battery connected and may be damaged if it is not. With no water in the heater tank you could damage the tank or the electric element if you turn the water heater on.

  73. I have a 31′ conquest doubleslideouts…. the bigger slideout when i brought it in for the season i always check if they go bk out …well the bigger slide did not do nothing when i tryed not even lit up on the push button ….. can you plz tell me what maybe wrong ????

  74. You didn’t provide enough information to make a diagnosis (even if I could without being there) but the the motor is not working, first thing I would check would be the fuse.

  75. I have a 2013 Sabre/Palomino with 4 slides. One slide is sagging a whole bubble using my level. Any adjustment I can make?

  76. I have a 2005 Freedom Spirit by Thor. Lately, my slide out does not want to operate when it is all the way in. If I take the manual crank and move it a little then it goes out and in smoothly with no problems. I thought I remembered reading that they should not be lubricated but thought a little grease on the gears at the start might help. Let me know what you think. Thanks

  77. There are several slide out systems so it isn’t possible to give you specific advice. My slideouts are mechanical rather than hydraulic and there is a clutch on the motor. You can hear it working at the end of the slide travel before you release the switch. I have experienced the same thing you describe and have needed to use the manual crank on occasion. I believe the problem is caused by a weak clutch but I have not tried to fix it since the problem happens infrequently. I think it happens when the trailer frame is tweaked a little and the clutch is too weak to overcome it. That’s just my speculation, mind you, but the clutch is the first thing I would work on.

    As for grease, I am not sure if it is a good idea or not. My manual advises against using grease and I have never felt the need. They are not high-speed precision gears after all.

  78. The living room slide on my big horn 5th wheel this spring jumped some cogs as it tried to go out. As a result one side is out about 2 inches at the bottom. Comes in okay but the opposite bottom side is out by about 2 inches. It looks like I can drop the nylon gears holding assembly on both tracks and then push out bottom of slide. Is this the right fix?

  79. On 2012 flagstaff, motor will not move slide so tried to manual move it. no go. sheared pin. took motor and gear box off. tried to manually move it. It still wouldn’t move. any sugestions

  80. I have a 2004 aljo with a small slide,the slide quit working all of a sudden,I pulled the motor and tested it,it works good,I have new batteries so that’s not the problem,I hook it all up and push the in button, nothing happens,I check all my fuses,breakers,inline fuses,connections,all appears to be good.to be honest I’m trying to save the few hundred it’s going to cost to take it in,is there anyone that can offer a suggestion that I haven thought of,it worked great one time then walla no more working, thanks

  81. The only thing you did not say you checked is the switch. They do go bad. If the switch checks okay then I’m as stumped as you are. Time to double check all fuses and connections.

  82. I have a 2003 RV Hurricane with Hydraulic slides. My concearn is how to get them back in if my Pump motor fails or my punp. Is there a manual crank for this ? I cannot find anywhere where to use a crank and I don’t know if the bedroon slide is Hydraulic or not. Need help.

  83. I can only offer a general answer since there are several makers of hydraulic slide systems.

    Generally, manual operation of is a matter of setting valves on the pump in a way that relieves the hydraulic pressure, then the slide is manhandled by as many people as need to extend or retract the slide out.

    Contacting your customer service at RV’s manufacturer is the best way to get specific information abut your RV’s hydraulic system. You may find a name plate on the hydraulic pump and with the name be able to contact them directly or find info on the web.

    Don’t overlook contacting an RV repair shop for advise.

  84. I have a 2015 Aviator. We are on our first trip. I have been using the slide out in my drive way getting ready for the trip and everything worked great. Got to the camp site and the slide out didn’t work. I checked the fuses in breaker box and the battery. Everything checked out. I checked the switch but wasn’t sure how to determine if switch was working properly. I guess what asking is how do you check a DC switch? Should I take it out of circuit and ohm it out or is there an easier way? Thanks

  85. I have a 2006 lance 1181 slide in truck camper. The slide seems to have dropped about an inch on the back corner. Causing it to rub on the pipe as it is coming in or going out. Any suggestions?

  86. When the tip out is brought in is it supposed to lat flat ours seems to be raised a little. I can’t remember it looking like that, shouldn’t it be flat on the floor I think critters could get in help I’m not sure.

  87. Going insane. I bought an rv . A 95 aerobus.has a front drivers living room slide out. I knew when I bought it the motor wouldn’t put out room cause it would make noise move a few inches stop. So being military we just manually rolled it out. However at start everytime it would pop a little and not want to grip thenteeth. But closer inspection I think the teeth on the track or what ever it is are broken or sheered. How do I go about changing them. I’m pretty handy as a woman and believe me , the prices of dealers make me sick. Just winterized for ND . And will prob. Wait till spring to attempt a fix.
    Thxs. For any help you may have .

  88. Good morning. when I bring my slide out in, It does not come all the way tight against the trailer at the top. also when out the tip out has a big lip where it joins at the floor in the trailer. Any thoughts would be great.

  89. Hello. I have a 2013 Forest River Wildwood RETS. My tip outs do not seem to seal at the top when they are in. They do not but up against the trailer, also when they are out inside the trailer there is quite a big lip at the floor. Tip out is high at floor. When tip outs are in you can see day light from inside. I don’t think this is right either. Any tips would be helpful Thank you John

  90. hello I have a 2001 Forest River Cardinal. I was pulling in the sides I have 2 and it made a loud clunking noise and the sides stopped moving , bedroom side part out. otherside is all out but a inch. It is a hydraulic screw type. Looked under the main side and the screw came out of the bracket.How do I fix this or how do I get my sides in have a big snow strom coming in a few hours HELP! John

  91. Manufacturers almost always provide a way to manually operate the slideouts. Problem is, the very for each manufacturer. Since it is an emergency situation, your best bet is to call a mobile RV repair service.

  92. We have a 94 hitchhiker, the slide in the living room is stuck in the out position. When we push the button to slide the slide in or out it just sounds too week to move it. could it be because the batteries are low? It is hooked up to 120v while this is happening.

  93. It is possible for the batteries to be low even with the RV plugged in. This can be caused by a faulty converter or bad batteries that won’t charge. Those two things would be the first thing I would check.

  94. I have a 2016 38K Expedition, the bed will not retract so we are unable to bring the slide in or drive the RV. Do you have any suggestions?

  95. We have a 2013 Keystone Cougar 5th wheel. We are traveling and today when we pulled in the bedroom slide it won’t go in all the way on
    one end. Can’t see anything in the way of closure.

  96. I know you looked for obstructions but did you look on the slide out roof? Extend the slide a little then check the slide roof for a fallen tree branch, pine cone etc. If there are no obstructions, unless you are mechanically minded, you will likely have to have it repaired by a RV Tech.

  97. I have 2006 Big Sky Montana 36 ft. 5th wheel.
    Living and dining slide won go out completely, the last inch or 2 where it settles in.
    Comes in all the way.
    Any suggestions?
    Thank you.

  98. Always start by looking for an obstruction… something may have gotten between the wall and the slideout, don’t forget to look on top of the slide. We once found a tuna can wedge between the slide and the wall. We figured the pantry door opened while we were travel and the can fell out. If you do not find an obstruction, then either the limit stop is out of adjustment or the slide itself is. Slide repairs usually require an RV shop and tech.

  99. Thanks Steven
    We did check for obstruction and didn’t find one.
    My warrantee is up and I’m concerned about the cost if I take it to a tech.
    I can live with this problem for now if it doesn’t get worse.
    Any possible damage if we use it like it is?
    Buying a coach when wife retires in couple years and don’t want to sink lots of money in it.

  100. I have a 2012 Monaco Knight,the front slide is coming in with the right side of the slide coming in before the left side causing the left side to get stuck on the wall and not allowing the entire slide to come in. Is there something I can do or should I have a mechanic come out and adjust it?. There are not obstructions.

  101. I have a 1999 Catalina Coachman and one of the hydraulic cylinders is leaking on the slide out. How do you get the cylinder out of the box steel slide frame?

  102. Hi Steve I have electric slide they where all working ? I went to slide on in at it stooped now two slides will not slide in and the third will not slide out i checked Manuel they move fine in and out out if i push the switch in nothing and out it clicks like it is out i cranked it in manually
    and the motor pushes out no problem but wont bring it back in any ideas ??

  103. There are so many things that can go wrong I cannot offer much help. Have you checked battery voltage. Low voltage could cause the motors not to work properly. Is the RV level? There might be some binding in the slides of the RV isn’t level. Maybe a fuse or a bad connection in the wiring?

  104. New Batteries I have plugged in, i am level. The puzzling part is there is power i can hand rank two sides in with ease and push the button they go right out under power . and the third one is the opposite i can hand crank it out push the button it comes right in no problem. So the motors operate on direction only and it happened to all three at the same time so i am baffled ? I have checked all fuses and barkers how can it have power to operate one direction ?

  105. I may be all wrong, but I think you need to look at the electrical connections starting at the switches. Since the switches set the polarity for the current to the motors they are where I would start. Push the switch one way the slide goes out. Push it the other way and the polarity to the motor is reversed so the slide goes in. It is impossible for me to know exactly how the switches are wired but a loose or broken connection could cause your problem.

  106. I have a 2003 fleetwood excursion with 4 slides. While toubleshooting the rear passenger side slide that would not retract all 4 slides went out and wont move. Is there a reset for the main slide circut breakers if so where is it located checked the battery compartment and did not see anything. Orcould I have another problem. I installed all new batteries,

  107. Carlton stevenson · Edit

    We have a 2007 jayco Melbourne the front slide moves out while travelling down the road.Any ideas what could cause this. It is a 26ft 2 slides

  108. I have a 2008 coachmen freelander. The slide will not go out. If i hit the switch to bring it in, it seems to move slightly from the completely closed position but will not do anything when I try to make it go out. please help!

  109. I have a 2006 Itasca Sun Dancer 30 V with 2 slides the front slide is giving me a problem it goes out fine but left out for a day or so when retracking it is the problem it comes in crooked and the ram is leaking oil also,,, what do you think the problem and is much of a job to take out that ram and repair it or replace it??? is there steps to follow in removing it..

  110. From your description it is a good bet the leaking ram is the problem. I cannot offer any specific repair advice since every RV manufacture seems to have their own way of building slide outs. Obviously, if you can see and get to both ends of the ram easily it is going to be a lot easier job replacing it. You might want to take several good photos and show them to your trusted RV repair tech for his advice.

  111. Sorry, Tony, I covered all my advice in the article above. It is next to impossible to provide specific advice since every RV manufacture builds their slide outs somewhat different and the possible causes of problems are numerous. It’s time to seek help from your local RV tech.

  112. I bought a sandpiper with two slide outs,and the battery was unhooked and don’t know where the wires go, there’s a red one and a white one I think those are positive. On the other side there is a red one and a black one together, and two white ones together that run to a box on the frame and two red ones come out the other side of the box to a relay, but when I hook the battery up none of the lights work no power to anything, and the slide outs work, it’s my first camper would appreciate any help thanks.

  113. Sorry, there just is no way I can offer any help on this by remote control. Electrical wiring needs to be done by someone who is competent and can diagnose the situation firsthand. Time to call in an RV tech.

  114. Hi Steve,

    I have a 2003 Fleetwood Southwind 35R with two slides. The rear slide will not retract in ans doesn’t make any sounds when hitting the switch. However, when I hit the out it makes sounds and of course it is all the way out so stops. I know by all of this that the power is fine but starting to wonder if I have a bad switch? Can’t find any obstructions. Maybe the RV is a little out of level? Nay additional thoughts?


  115. We have a 1999 Safari Serengetti RV. The slide out is hydraulic. We out the slide out with no problem. Tried to bring it back in, no luck. The batteries are fully charged. The motor makes a humming sound. The jacks are working fine. However, we push the button to bring slide in, and it doesn’t move. We tried to manually bring it in, but it seems stuck, won’t budge. The manual does not tell you how to do it manually, and the company is out of business. We are at a loss on what to do. Can’t drive it with the slide out, and having a hard time finding a tech that will come out. We live in London Ontario Canada, and are going crazy. Any suggestions?

  116. I remember an RVer that had the same problem. He was able to diagnose the problem and determined it was a bad hydraulic valve on the. He was able to swap the Bad ‘IN’ valve with the good ‘OUT’ valve temporarily in order to get the slide in and move the RV. He ordered and installed a new valve and all was good again.

    I am not saying you have the same problem but it is certainly a possibility given your symptoms.

    Please post again and let us know how you resolved the problem so maybe it will help the next guy.

  117. I have a 2005 keystone outback 29 bhs, the problem I am having is that immediately after I let go of the switch the bottom of the slide creeps back out about half an inch, it’ll pull back in with activation but creep right back out again. The rails are underneath and look like a schwintek rail. Any ideas how to troubleshoot it?

  118. Randall,

    I found this discussion on the Redwood Owners forum that may help you (particularly the post from Dave from Maine) :

    I also found a good discussion on the Forest River Forums about Schwintek style slides:

    Here is a link to the Owners Manual:
    Also a Troubleshooting Manual:

    Here is a link to a YouTube video that may help:

    There are several other videos on Youtube about Schwintek style slides. Just do a search.

  119. We have a 2007 Keystone Raptor Toy Hauler with 3 slides. When we push the slide button they go out a little and stop. you can wait a few seconds and we hear a click and you can push the button again and they will move a little more and stop. What would be causing this?

  120. What you describe seems like you may have a auto reset circuit breaker that is tripping and then, after a cool-down, reseting, allowing the motor to operate again. You could replace the circuit breaker and give it a try.

    If the new breaker trips quickly thin you must determine why. It could be a bad wiring connection which can increase current or something binding the slide out putting extra load on the motor.

    The motor may have an internal circuit breaker that trips when the motor gets too hot.

  121. 41 ft. Monaco 09 Motorhome 4 slides-rt. front opened during travel, would retract but not stay-required roadside assistance-no leaks all other slides work perfectly-we were able to bind the side and use the locking bars return home 1800 miles-any ideas

  122. I am not sure what you mean by ‘bind the side’? If your slide outs don’t normally require locking bars then, this is only a guess, you may have a faulty check valve in the hydraulic line or in the control valve itself. Time to take the motorhome to a trusted service technician.

  123. Rodney littlefield · Edit

    The slides on my Forest river 2003 fifth wheel trailer slides about 6″ power cuts off, wait a couple of seconds, slides move a short distances and stopes. Wait push switch again moves and stopes again. Is their a safety switch to keep the pump from over heating.

  124. There certainly may be a safety shut-off switch in the motor to prevent overheating. But it is not normal for the motor to get that hot when opening and closing the slide. It could be the motor is going bad and needs to be replaced, but you need to determine whatever the cause of the overheating is.

  125. We have a 1994 Fleetwood Westport 5th wheel that is hydraulic. The livingroom slide out seems to be working against itself. When going out, the back will go and the front will stay, and when coming in it is the opposite. We found no manual crank. We can’t seem to find any owners manual for this type and year. Right now it is stuck half way out and won’t move at all. Camper is in great shape other than this. We have tried everything we can think of and nothing seems to help. there seems to be nobody on earth that can help us. We live in Iowa and I am having a hard time finding people that know about this situation. Any suggestions would really be appreciated.

  126. Mickey,

    Hre is a link to the Lippert Hydraulic Through Frame Slideout System Owner’s manual: https://www.lci1.com/assets/content/support/manuals/om-hydraulic-slide-out-web.pdf

    Even if your system is made by Lippert it should give you a better understanding of how your slideout system works (they all work about the same) which should help you diagnose your problem.

    There are several things that could cause your problem. It could be electrical… a bad switch or broken connection, hydraulic… bad actuator valve or check valve, or mechanical… broken gear or shear pin in the rack and pinion.

    Please write back when you get it repaired so we can help the next RVer with the problem.

  127. I have a 2007 Winnebago Adventure with 3 slides. Currently the small kitchen slide drifts out during travel. Any idea what my be wrong

  128. When slide came out bed pulled away frome the wall 8 inches. Can I adjust he bolt on the hydraulic cylinder so this does not happen again.

  129. I cannot be certain from the description you gave but I doubt the problem is the slide itself. My thinking is an object jammed the bedframe and would not allow it to travel with the slide causing the separation. Remove the items you have stored under the mattress and check to see if the floor of the under-bed storage has sagged causing interference with the mechanism of the slide.

    Often times manufacturers allow the bottom of the bed frame to just slide along the carpet. If you have too much weight in the under-bed storage it may be the bed could not slide properly. It is also possible a loose screw, bolt, or nail snagged the carpet a kept the bed from traveling with the sled.

    I’m just guessing here but it’s what I would be looking for.

  130. Hello I have a 1993 Gulf Stream Innsbruck.
    The slideout is in need of adjustment. I can’t find any literature regarding this. Thes not hydraulic, motor and a big screw and some pipes mom rollers. Any help would be great

  131. We have a 2005 Pilgrim Open Road 5th wheel. The living room slide out will not retract electrically. There’s no noise at all. When you push the extract button it makes a noise to let you know it has extended to the fullest but the retract is totally silent.
    What can be wrong??

  132. Have a 29′ Laredo, Keystone 5th wheel. Have only one slideout. Worked greated until today. Only the rear part of slideout will move out, front part appears stuck. Have a electrical system, no hydraulics.

  133. Look for something jammed between the slide and the wall of the RV. We once had the pantry door come open while on the road. When parked, when we tried to extend the slide the door wedged behind the flange of the slideout. Don’t forget to look on the roof of the slide.

    If there are no visible obstructions inside, then go outside and look.

    If you do not find an obstruction, Have someone operate the slide while you observe the mechanism. Look for a broken shear pin or loose bolts, etc.

  134. I have a 99 Aljo 5th wheel with a hydraulic slide, and when pulling the slide in i let off the button and it keeps going until you hit the button a few times to get it to stop. I tried using the button at the hydraulic pump and it will do the same thing.

  135. I have a 2010 salem camper and while in the camper this summer camping my slides went to making a noise all by themselves as if someone was holding the button in. I had to flip the breaker off to get it to stop. Now they won’t do anything when I push the button in. No noise no movement what so ever. I replaced the battery hoping it was bad. But still nothing. We were having a lot of problems with the power going off here at the campground. Could it have burnt my slide motors up?

  136. I do not think your slide out problem is related to the park’s electrical issues. Anything is possible but it just isn’t likely. The slides operate on 12 volts DC, separated from the 120 volts AC coming from the campground by the converter in your RV. If your converter is work… charging your battery and powering lights, furnace refrigerator etc. then the converter is not the cause.

    You do seem to have a problem in the 12-volt power to slideouts. Something electrical had to happen to run the motors but I don’t have enough information to know what is wrong. If you can reply with more specific information about how many slide outs your RV has, and if the motors on all the slide outs make noise? Did you check the fuse for the slide outs on the distribution panel? Is everything else that operates on 12 volts DC working? Just give me all details about the problem and then maybe I can offer some advice.

  137. i have hyd moter it dont want to come on its a 2002 sunrise rv motothome 2 slide ucan tap with hammer an some times it will start working an some times it want carl

  138. You are clearly awesome! We have a 2015 Winnebago View Profile. Love it. But the rear (bed) slide is not level front to back, when out. (Slants down away from coach…) Any thoughts? thanks!

  139. Inspect the mechanism for damage… broken welds or bolts, or bent frames etc. If all seem okay, then you should be able to use the adjustment bolts/nuts to make it right. Consult your owners manual or contact Winnebago or your dealer for specific advice.

  140. Hi we have a 2006 34 foot big horn 5th wheel
    My husband was bringing in the slides And the slide off the living room slid out tilted out at the top! We brought it back in thankfully and finally got it to go in straight, what do you suppose caused it to slide out tilted?

  141. Problem – hydraulic slide on 2000 Dutchman TT creeps out while traveling. The slide functions properly in all other respects. My work-around remedy has been to use a tie down ratchet strap to hold the slide to the frame while traveling but that’s rough crawling under the TT each time to install and release. Obviously there must be a check valve in the system that is bypassing and has worn out over the years, but locating that valve (either inside the 38″ ram or in line somewhere) has been difficult. There are no leaks and the reservoir is full. I requested schematics from Dutchman who sends me to Camping World and Camping World is no good in this area. Any idea where I can find schematics for a two hose system (one for extending and one for retracting at each end of the ram) as Mobile RV repair is asking for same?

  142. I have a 2004 Keystone Montana 32′ TT with 2 slides , its up at our hunting camp and has been there the last two years with the slides out , we are have to move it after hunting season in Jan. and I tried to suck the slides in but no movement , I could hear the motor humming what would you guess.

  143. We just recently purchased our 1st fifh wheel, a 2012 Chaparrel with electric slides and noticed on the bottom of the bedroom slide, there is a scrape about 4″ wide the whole way from back to front of the slide. The black lining is ripped and the scape is lightly into the plywood. Does this sound like an easy or costly fix?

  144. Cost of repair would depend on the extent of the damage. Keep in mind nothing about RV repair is cheap. But it is all relative. However, you or your RV tech will need to determine what caused the scrape. If what caused the scrape has not affected structural integrity then it should not be too costly.

  145. Hi my name is Natasha and I have a 1999 Maxwell 32 foot motorhome and it has one slide. Have always had to jump the solenoid while somebody else pushed the button inside to get my side to go in and out since I’ve owned it. But all of the sudden it doesn’t work there is power going to the solenoid but there’s no spark no nothing all the connections are good it’s grounded so I can’t figure out what might be the problem. Other than the thought that the motor that the solenoid is attached to possibly went out? I already replaced the solenoid itself

  146. The problem is likely either a broken wire/connection or the motor is bad. So, locate the motor and apply power to it directly. If it works then you have a broken wire/connection. If the motor doesn’t work then you need to remove it and bench test it. If it works, you have a mechanical problem with the slide that prevents the motor from turning when installed. If the motor doesn’t work then you will need to replace it. Slide out motors are similar in size to the motors used on trailer and truck camper jacks and also leveling jacks on motorhomes. There are different sizes/models depending on the manufacture of the slideout system. Once you have the motor removed you, or you trusted RV tech, should be able to determine the proper replacement.

  147. We have a 2003 Damon Challenger. The bedroom slide started moving very slowly all of sudden. Have to push switch off and on many times. It stops we wait 15 second then push switch again. Nothing is jamed, also hear a noise like a cell a noid going off and on.

  148. my HWH HDRO slideout… one side reteacts byitself within 1 to 2 min after EXTENDING the slideout…useing the spacesaver series scisscor arm hardware with chain n roller makes my slide out to start walking eventually causing it to jam..THANKS>>JEFF

  149. I have a 04 keystone with 2 slides and for some reason when I push the button it will send the slide out a foot and I have to stop for a second and then push again stop push again until they are out any idea on why?

  150. Does the slide work okay when retracted? I would look for a defective switch, loose wire/connection in the circuit. If there is something that is restricting normal slide operation the motor could be overloading and tripping an internal overheating switch.

  151. I have a 2012 Catalina Coachmen, the slide does not go out all the way to seal, the motor makes that clicking noise as if it’s finished but the slide isn’t all the way out or sealed , we have it in the shop has been adjusted and greased.. But still not going out all the way .

  152. Look for an obstruction between the top and sides of the slide flange and the inside wall of the RV. Look for an obstruction between the floor of the RV and the slideout floor. Look for an obstruction outside, under the slideout.

    If there are no obstructions, then it is reasonable to assume the slideout may be out of adjustment.

    At the risk of sounding flippant, a competent RV repair tech should be able to diagnose and solve your slideout issue. I cannot guess why, after being adjusted, the slide is still not working properly. Isn’t that the whole idea of an adjustment? Maybe it is time to take your RV to another shop.

  153. Have sandpiper 2007, hydraulic pump for slide outs looses oil but don’t see where it goes, have to fill up when putting out or in slides. Have to fill 3/4 full each time. Where would it go? And what is wrong with pump.

  154. I am not a hydraulics expert but it seems for sure there is a leak somewhere. You, or a trusted RV tech, need to do whatever it takes to find it. Start at the pump and inspect the length of the hose and all fittings until you get to the ram itself and inspect it.

  155. I have 2000 winnebago chieftain 35U. My bedroom slide out works only while the ford engine runs. However living room slide out works with or without engine run at no problem. Bedroom slide out was working same way before but not anymore. I checked fuse in the engine compartment, #16 and #24 and they look OK. Where else should I look?

  156. I have a 2015 Forrest River Evo that has two wall outlets (one to the slide and other is to exterior LED lights) not working.(both are right by the exit door… I have reset the breaker in the bathroom… The remote control can operate the slide..opens and closes the slide, but the exterior LED power strip lighting will not work at all with remote or switch… The fuse box is not labeled and I have checked all the fuses..none noticeably faulty… I have also tried the switches while connected to power and just batteries.and nothing.. resetting while connected to power as I have read to do…… Do you have any suggestions? Thank you in advance.

  157. 2011 Forest River Flagstaff SuperLite 26′ TT with one slide which just stopped operating. No click at the switch and no motor noise. I checked all cabin fuses/breakers and in-line fuses. I was told there is a “box” with a “reset button” along the lines from the battery but I can’t locate it. I assume this is the slide motor. Any advice would be appreciated as we are scheduled for a group camping trip tomorrow. Thanks.

  158. Check the switch for continuity. There might a bad connection in the wiring… maybe a bad ground. IF you have had problems with mice or squirrels they may have chewed a wire. If the motor has a reset it would most likely be protection for over heating and would reset itself on cooldown but that is mostly a guess on my part.

  159. I have a 2017 Dutchman aerolite travel trailer 1 slide works the other slide will not slide in or out about 2 inches

  160. I have a 2010 Coleman 17 ft. travel trailer with a slide out for the couch. One of the cables has gone slack like it fell off a gear or something, while the other side cable is still operational. I don’t think the cable is broke as I cannot pull it out. How do I go about fixing it.

  161. Hello
    Montana 2014 model 3155 RSL the slide out open by herself on the road at every 2 hours I have to stop go in my unit and close again
    Could you help me on that issue

  162. I don’t know if your Montana is new to you our the slide out problem is new. If you are unfamiliar with the Montana then your problem may be as simple as using slide out travel/locking/safety bars. These bars are placed between the slide out flange the inside wall of the trailer and lock your slide out so it doesn’t slide out while you are going down the road. The bars were pretty common 10 to 15 years ago, especially on hydraulic systems, but not all slide out systems required them.

    Contact Keystone customer service for specific help.

  163. steven i have a 2011 mvp coast the slide out will only move on one side the other side stays limp but it will move when pushed or pulled what might be causing this there is nothing blocking the one side from moving

  164. Most slide outs have some sort of syncing mechanism that keeps the two sides operating together. Look for a broken or missing pin, cable, or gear. Something loose like a bolt or bracket. Sorry, I don’t know enought about your specific slideout to offer more than general tips.

  165. Steve, I have 1998 Fleetwood Pace Arrow with 2 slides. My system is hydralic. My large living room and dinette works perfectly. My bedroom slide will not go out. I removed the nut and jam nut on the cylinder and was able to push the slide out abt 3-4 inches. I then pulled the ram out manually and re attached. The slide closed when I hit the button. Any ideas? Motor turns on but slide won’t move.

  166. Barry, Hydraulic slideout systems have a solenoid valve for both in and out operations. Seems like you have a bad solenoid valve. If the valve is bad the motor will work but no hydraulic fluid will be sent to the cylinder to push the slideout.

  167. Steven I have a 2012 Montana Big Sky. the bedroom is up front the slide is about 15 ft. long. I noticed that the cables on the forward side of slide, upper not there and bottom on half broken and unraveling. Whats up? And any chance of leading me in the right direction. talked with 2 RV repair guys who have not seen this. Need help please.

  168. Slides on 2016 Cottage Creek trailer will not come in. Checked fuses and they are fine. We have 1 switch that is off/on and another switch that either extends the slides in or out. Has anyone else experienced this with their Cottage Creek trailer?

  169. I have a 2005 Winnebago Sightseer with 2 slides. The rear bedroom slide works great but the front slide will go out with the engine running but it come back in by itself randomly. Most of the time it will stay out for a while if I push the reset button but within a hour or two it will slide back in on it’s own.

  170. Has anyone run into problems with an early 2000’s Alfa Toyhouse living room slide out that extends fine but doesn’t move when trying to retract? And before anyone says ‘call the manufacturer’ am I correct when saying they are now out of business? Any advice? Trying to move it in a hurry and can’t get on the road with how it is. Thank you.

  171. Hi Steven, I have a 34 ft 1996 Winnebago Adventure the slide does not move but the hydraulic pump runs when I push the button. I check fluid level and the front fuses and a fuse by the pump, all good. I check to see if the solenoid valves were getting power and no they were not so I gave them power manually while pushing the button and the slide works. I would rather not crawl under the coach every time to extend or retract the slide. Any ideas what it could be. Thanks, Pete

  172. The first thing to check would be the switch. It may be a double pole switch and the pole that controls the solenoid may be bad. If the switch checks okay, then it’s is a matter of checking continuity from the power source the switch and then from the switch to the solenoid. When you find the problem, please let us know so others can learn from it.

  173. Have 2010 keystone slide out when closing only goes in a foot then stops , then open fully opens a foot
    till I had someone push it to assist while closing it closes but if stop (in the middle, take finger off button) then I have to open slide out completely then close again ? got it closed but not sure what could be causing this?

  174. I have a 1999 Thor Signature 5th wheel. I have been operating the main slide manually. Recently when trying to open the slide the crank would not turn. After applying a lot of force something let go and it now turns freely but the slide doesn’t move. I disconnected the slider cylinder bolt and moved the slide out by pushing. Looking for any suggestions. Do I have to cut out the trailer underside and access the cylinder?

  175. The following solution to a electric slide may have been addressed, but….this involves a Winnebago Voyage 2005. While in storage I had to put out the rear slide out to get into some drawers. When I pushed the “in” button to return the slide out, nothing happened. Batteries were fully charged, unit was level and no blown fuses. So my instinct was the switch was the problem. Long story short (and thanks to free advise from a mobile RV service), the switch was not the problem. I was advised to disconnect all batteries (just removing the positive connections) for 20 minutes. During this time it would allow computer system in the rv to reboot, don’t ask for specifics, but when I reconnected, wall ah the slide out was reactivated. Now this may not work for some, but in my case it saved me probable several hundred dollars, by having a mechanic come out to diagnose and repair, and/or taking the rv into a local dealer.

  176. Hi I have a 2003 26 foot Jayco trailer with a pullout I would like to know how to adjust the pullout when it goes out the bottom is out all the way but the top is not out all the way same thing when I bring it in the bottom is in all the way but the top is not.
    I hope some one can help me with the trailer just so you know the trailer looks like new
    Thanks a lot

  177. It is likely you broke a shear pin or something equivalent. Of course, replacing the shear pin will not address the original reason why the slide system was not working properly in the first place. You’ll need to do an inspection of the slide system.

  178. You were correct. Broken shear pin. I removed the drive unit and it seems to be operating OK. Removed the shafts…appears to turn OK but doesn’t extend. Any suggestions please?

  179. My rv hot water tank works on either power or propane. Power was working fine but has stopped working. Breaker is on. Doubt the element is gone as always has water in the tank. Looking for suggestions please. Any test recommendations?

  180. Selling my mom’s Mallard 1999 5th wheel . I can’t get the living room to slide out. It has propane and electricity, but the pull out is a crank I think ? I can’t find location of handle or switches , breaker, fusses, etc. Please help ?,! Thanks… Kim

  181. We have a 2001 royal coachman. The brake in the motor of the slide out needs to be relaced but we can’t find anyplace that carries them. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  182. Check this ebay page to see if the motors their match yours. If you can get a model number off of yours you can search the net for a replacement. The ebay listings show a wide difference in prices so be sure you shop around.

  183. I have a 99 Monaco Diplomat. The slide is sticking on one side and I think that a piece of tile is wedged in the rail. It has a new motor and the other end starts out, but we stop it so it doesn’t bend anything. I need to know how to get at it. There doesn’t seem to be any access to the rail either from inside or outside. The batteries are brand new and none of the fuses are blown.

  184. slideout on a 1999 sportscoach will start to move in the stops, sometimes have to start generator to get it to slide in, do have new house batteries, have tried turning key to acc like the manual says does not work. even if i am hooked up to shore power it does not help.

  185. It seems like a low voltage problem. Your house batteries are new but are they fully charged. The slideout should operate off the house batteries so I’m not sure why you would need to turn the key to accessory, except to use the chassis battery to boost the house batteries. You may have a non-working or disconnected converter/charger.

  186. I have a 1999 Rexhall and the hydraulic pump for the jacks and slide does not operate. I replaced the motor and the solenoid and it seems like the jacks begin to move and then stop. I can hear the solenoid clicking but the motor does not operate. I checked the inline fuses and they seem ok. I’m at a bit of a standstill to figure out what is wrong. Any suggestions?

  187. I have a 2008 Gulf Stream Class A model 5330 independence. My problems started after having the hydraulic ram replaced for the slid out. Problems are now it wants to creep out after retracting it in. It creeps out about 3 inches. Problem 2 when the slid out is retracted the top makes contract first and then the bottom travels about 2 more inch’s before the bottom seals. I have notes that there is no free travel on the end of the ram where it is connected to the wall. install guide line states there should be 2-3 inch’s of free travel. Will this also cause my problems?

  188. I have a 2010 Itasca Suncruiser 32ft. The full length slide when it comes it seems to have dropped a little and now am unable to open the compartments without putting the slide out. this just started after a long road trip on some rough roads.

  189. I have a 2005 Coachman Leprechaun. A couple of times after driving the slides will not work at all. The motor does not engage as if there is no electricity. Then after it sits for a few hours the slides work fine. This makes it difficult to troubleshoot since it does not happen every time. Am I missing something? The RV is level and the batteries are fully charged.

  190. There are several slide-out mechanisms so it is not possible to offer specific advice. It is obvious there is a problem that needs to be addressed. It will not fix itself and will likely get worse and more expensive to repair.

  191. Is the slide-out mechanism hydraulic? Maybe it is a low fluid level in the reservoir? After the fluid settles then there is just enough to make it work? If it is mechanical then maybe there is a limit switch that needs adjusting or replaced. Or maybe a bad power switch, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. There are several slide-out mechanisms so it is not possible to offer specific advice. If you have the manuals for the RV, determine what type/brand slide-out you have and search the web for problems specific to that type/brand. You can contact customer service at Coachman.

  192. I have a ’97 terry 28 ft. The hydraulic slide has a leak which appears to be in the ram, but it is enclosed in a steel channel that is welded on the inside of the left and right frame rail.There are 2 small inspection holes so that I can see the hose fitting ends and they are dry.

  193. If you can determine the brand of your slide-out system, you may be able to find a service manual for it online. If you have the original owners packet from the trailer manufacturer, you can check that. I know Lippert has manuals online for its products. Even if your slide isn’t a Lippert, their manual may give you some insight. You may want to Goole “how to replace ‘your brand’ RV slide-out hydraulic cylinder” to at least get some idea. I think if you study the problem awhile, you will discover how to replace the cylinder. There’s not much more advice I can offer, sorry.

  194. HI I have a swagman australian dream motor home and have slide out problems I can extend the slide out with the hydraulic bringing in I can hear the pump running yet no movement also slide out is out of square any ideas? Regards wildcat

  195. My daughter purchased a 1995 skyline can get 1 slide in which is bedroom but can’t get the living room 1 to work how do I get it manually

  196. While trying to put the jacks down I got a low voltage message I discovered that the switch to the inverter had come out Will the inverter now recharge the batteries? I am plugged into 50 amp service. All connections to the hydraulic battery appear good but am assuming that battery has been drained. How long will it take to recharge batteries and am I doing it right?

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