RV Screen Door Cross Bar

RV Screen Door Cross Bar

RV Screen Door Cross Bar Handle Kit Installation

I wish I had installed the RV screen door cross bar sooner. I bought the kit months ago but just now got around to installing it. But that’s not the worst of my procrastination, we’ve been RVing twenty years now! Really, I wish I had put one on way back then. It just makes controlling and closing the RV screen door so much easier.

The kit is simple and so is the install. It adjusts from 21-5/8″ – 28-5/8″ so it fits most RV screen doors. It also is available in silver and black if your screen door is black. Priced at under $20 it’s a no-brainer RV upgrade.

Complete instructions and a template is included. Because the install is simple easy, I did not use the template. To each his own.

All you need is a marker of some kind to mark where to drill the screw holes, a drill bit as specified and drill driver to drill the holes, and a Phillips screwdriver.

The cross bare feels sturdy but I would not try to use is as a grab bar while entering or exiting the RV.

My one minor complaint is the bar is close in to the door. While there is enough space between the bar and the door to grab it, may be a tight fit for someone with larger hands.

Here is a link to the Camco Cross Bar on Amazon.com

RV screen door Camco Cross Bar



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