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Last updated on April 27th, 2009 at 07:03 pm

There are lots of quick RV tips… just one or two sentences long which don’t require any elaboration. It seems silly to make just one short one ‘the’ RV Tip of The Day so from time to time we’ll have a Quick Tips Day and post several all at once. Today is the first.

– For many RVers, RV travel is as much about the journey as it is about the destination. Plan to travel about six hours, or less, per day so you can enjoy the countryside and visit attractions along the way.

– Try to check in at your destination or overnight stop by 4pm. This will allow you to set up your camp site while it is still daylight and enjoy your supper without feeling rushed. Use the evening to meet your neighbors, explore the area or just relax and recharge for tomorrow’s drive.

– Repairs are part of Rving, so carry a properly equipped tool box. The more competent you are doing your own repairs, the better equipped your toolbox should be.

– A GPS unit can be helpful, but sometimes the best tools are the simplest so don’t forget to bring a map.

– Plan your day’s travel so that you don’t have to drive during rush hour traffic. Try to be off the road long before evening commute traffic starts.

– Always keep cash handy for paying the tolls on toll roads, bridges, tunnels, and farries.

– Carry a box of disposable gloves for use when working with sewer hoses and other dirty jobs.

– When you are hitched up and ready to pull out take just a few minutes and double check everything. Walk around and out to the edge of your campsite to get a different view of the RV and to spot anything that didn’t get packed away and any trash that needs to be picked up.

Share your favorite RV tips with your fellow RVers. Well give you credit and link to your personal web site.

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