RV Quick Tips

Last updated on April 27th, 2009 at 06:47 pm

Before leaving a campground or RV park, look around your site and pick up any trash, even if it’s not yours. Leave your space as clean or cleaner than it was when you arrived.

While on the road, whenever you stop for any kind of break, take time to check your rig. Do a visual inspection and be sure you check the hitch, electrical umbilical, awning and especially the tires and wheels.

When you finish up at the dump station, take a minute to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything… gloves, pliers, sewer fittings and hose, and water hose. Be sure to lock your outside hatches before you leave.

A common “warning” for the RV TV antenna is a clothes pin. When you put the antenna up, remove the clothes pin from the crank and clip it on the gearshift. When you crank the antenna down, move the pin back to the crank. You could use different colored pins for different reminders.

If you’ve been parked for a while it’s easy to neglect the outside of the RV. Especially the ‘back side’. But the back side is where your hookups are. Take some time each day to walk around the RV and cehck. Look for leaking water and sewer hoses and anything unusual. Check the condition of your slideout awnings. While you’re at it, look under the RV for leaks, anything hanging loose, etc.

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