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  • Unless you have a special reason to hurry, limit travel time to less than six hours a day. You’ll be able to enjoy the morning and check in at your destination early. You’ll have a better chance at getting a good site and be able to setup and settle in while it is still daylight.
  • Minimize driver fatigue by sharing driving duties with all licensed and qualified drivers.
  • Plan your trip to avoid rush hour traffic. Stop and have breakfast during morning rush hour and try to be off the road long before the going home traffic starts.
  • Carry a basic tool box when you travel. Minor repairs are a part of Rving, so be prepared.
  • Keep a roll of quarters and a few bills handy for paying tolls on toll roads, bridges and ferry crossings.
  • Baby wipes aren’t just for babies. I keep them in the truck to clean up after refueling or checking under the hood etc.
  • When you have hitched up your RV and you are all ready to pull out, take just a few minutes do a final walk-around and double check your RV and camp site. Walk out away from the rig to get a different view of things.
  • Pulling a toad? Many cars require that the key has to be in the ignition switch to unlock the steering. Don’t make it easy for someone to unhook the toad, open the door and drive away. Use a spare ignition key so you can keep the doors locked.
    If you leave your rig for lunch or sightseeing etc., it’s a good idea to remove your keys from the toad.
    Be sure to replace the key in the ignition to unlock the steering and lock the doors before you resume your trip.


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