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To remove the soap and hard water build-up on shower walls and doors use straight white vinegar. Use a spray bottle to spray the white vinegar straight onto the surface and let set for a minimum of ten minutes then rinse. On stubborn build up wipe with a damp cloth sprinkled with some baking soda. In tighter areas, apply vinegar and scrub with a toothbrush dipped in baking soda.

Nothing will prevent a determined thief from breaking in, but attaching a sturdy gate hasp to the plywood bed platform and using a good padlock will make the under-bed area a more secure place for valuables and important documents.

When entering a new state, stop and take advantage of the visitor center to pick up maps and brochures. Often time you’ll find discount coupons for area attractions and campgrounds.

Most of the time you will need 10 feet of hose or less but if you travel enough you will find a time when you’ll need more.

I carry one 6′, 10′ and 20′ hose each set up with valve adaptors and sewer connectors. I also carry two hose connectors. By using the connectors to join hoses in different combinations I can get a length at least close to what I need without have a lot of extra hose snaking all over.

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