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Last updated on April 27th, 2009 at 06:59 pm

RVer Tom ‘Griz’ Hiday provides today’s quick tips.

  • A motorhome has a number of vents and holes in the front that may let cold air in. I went to WallMart and bought some cheap black towels, (yes, they sell black ones!) and stuff them in places where I can feel cold air. This cuts down on heat loss in this area. The black towels are hard to see and I know what they are for.
  • Most slides do not exactly seal perfectly. I stuff rags in these places too. These spots are not hard to find, I just wet my fingers and move them around. The cold spots are quickly evident.
  • Most of the outside of the RV is exposed to weather, including the A/C plugs that may be available in various compartments. I went to Home Depot and bought some male and female plug ends, such as you would use to make or repair an extension cord. I filled them with a silicon compound, to keep them water tight. When I am not using the ourdoor plugs I just stick one of these in there. It keeps the inside contacts fresh and untarnished.
  • It is such a bother to completely undo all the insulation and heat tape on the outside hoses, I leave them wrapped all the time. When not in use, I use plug ins on the heat tape contacts to keep them clean. I also keep these on stored extension cords.
  • Some diesles and other northern based cars and gas motorhomes have engine preheaters built in. You can usually find a male end of an extension cord in the engine area if this is installed. This plug will also corrode or get coated with dust quickly, so I put a female plug end on that to keep it clean.
  • One thing I hate in a home or RV is mildew. Once it gets started, it is hard to get rid of. I keep a squeegee and a hand towel near the shower and make sure I use both before I leave. In this way there is less moisture to spur mildew on.

Thanks for sharing your tips with us and for giving us the day off Griz! Have tips you would like to share with your fellow RVers? We want to publish them! Email your tips to Steven@hiwwpoh.com

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