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When you’ve parked your RV in a new campsite and you’re hooking up your water hose, hook it up to the spigot first and run a fair amount of water through. This does several things, 1, it flushes your water hose, 2, lets you see what the water is like… could be rusty or dirty or smelly, 3, fills the hose with water which eliminates most of the sputtering at the RV’s sink faucets.

Instead of wasting it, water a nearby tree or the grass. If you’re parked in a ‘parking lot’ site and you don’t want to make a mess run the water into the sewer.


An RVer recently wrote me with this question:
We have a 5th wheel on a seasonal site. Our toilet is always clogging up. What can we do to prevent this from happening again?

Here’s my answer:
Always leave the black tank dump valve closed unless you are dumping the tank

Never dump the tank unless it’s at least 2/3rds full. If you want to dump it sooner then add water to the tank.

After dumping, rinse the tank with either a toilet rinse wand or the built-in rinsing system if you have one. When the tank is flushed ‘clean’ close the valve and add enough water to cover the bottom of the tank.

When using the toilet use plenty of water when flushing… at least until the tank is about 1/4 full.


Most every RV has a gravity fill port for fresh water tank. You just stick the end of a hose in the port and let it run till the tank is full.

Some rigs are also plumbed in a way that you can fill the fresh water tank through a valve when connected to a water source. There is no common location for the valve but it should be somewhere close to where the hose connects to the RV.

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