RV Quick Tips

Last updated on April 27th, 2009 at 06:38 pm

  • When you have to work outside in the cold at a task that requites some finger dexterity, gloves won’t always work for you. In that case, try surgical gloves like we wear when dealing with the black tank. They will keep the hands a little warmer than going bear handed, but still leave your hands free to work. Put them on in layers if needed.
  • The recent FMCA magazine shows a tip for keeping plates in place while you drive. Go to the dime store and buy a small bag of simple balloons. Blow them up about three quarters full and pinch them in between stacked plates and the bottom of the shelf above. They provide a nice flexible cushion. Use different size balloons for different sizes and shapes of dishes, as needed.
  • A lot of places won’t allow RVers to wash RVs in their parks. Too much water and mess. You can get a four tube pack of Clorox sanitary wipes and a 350 count box of Shop Towels at Sam’s for about $20.00. Put on some rubber gloves, set out a garbage bag and wipe away. Wipe with a cleaner cloth and dry/buff with the shop towels. The wipes will clean almost anything you encounter, including black streaks. Doing it this way, you can easily break the job up into a several day project, cleaning sections now and again until done. As a side benefit, you will find fewer bugs around your unit!
  • The latest version of Microsoft Streets & Trips is very GPS friendly. You can get the software with a GPS sensor, or connect via a USB cable to most hand held GPS’s. This will give you a GPS with a screen as large as your laptop! The software even gives speech commands. Your naviguesser will love it!
  • One of the more unsightly things on an RV can be rusty streaks from the cheap screws some manufacturers use. You can get a supply of small stainless screws at most hardware outlets. The chain Harbor Freight Tools sells a nifty pack of 300 assorted stainless screws. Just use these to replace the exterior screws on your RV and get rid of these unsightly blemishes.


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