RV Macerator Pumps – the Basics

Macerator pumps provide a alternative to typical ‘slinky hose’ sewage disposal.

Macerator pumps chop black tank waste into a thin slurry allowing it to be pumped out through a 3/4 inch garden hose for proper disposal.

Many RVers use macerators in a temporary fashion when a normal sewer hookup is unavailable. This allows the RVers to pump sewage long distances and into otherwise unavailable receptacles, like septic tanks, plumbing cleanouts, sewers, or toilets.

Temporary hookups are done attaching a macerator pump like the one made by Flojet to an RV sewage outlet just as you would a “slinky” sewer hose.

Some RVers have found that installing a macerator in a semi-permanent fashion is a better solution. Semi-permanence means the pump can be used without attaching and disconnecting but can be bypassed with valves for normal sewer hose connections. Carefully installed, a macerator can be used full-time with only a flick of the wrist and nary a drop of spillage.

A less expensive alternative to a macerator pump, called a jet pump, such as the Sewer Solution. It uses a jet of water supplied by a garden hose to create the slurry and ‘pump’ it through the supplied 3/4 inch hose.
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