RV Interior Cosmetic Touch-up Tips

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Even the most well-cared-for RVs are sure to show some wear and tear over time. With a little care and ingenuity, many minor defects can be made invisible.

Here are a few products you may already have on hand that can touch up minor scratches, nicks and nail holes on interior woodwork and paneling.

For white surfaces use:
White-Out, the fluid used to correct spelling errors in typewritten documents.
Acrylic tile caulk
Plain white toothpaste.
Acrylic and/or oil artists paints.
Children’s crayons.
To match colored surfaces pick a close or matching artist paint or crayon.

Always try these touch-ups in an inconspicuous area first to make sure.

You may be able to cover large holes, stains or blemishes with a picture, mirror, hanger hooks, or other accessories, depending on where they are located.

Panel seams that have opened up can be covered with a matching trim strip in the same material finish as the wall. Check with your RV tech for after market trim supplies. In some cases you may even be able to find trim that closely matches at a home repair store. It won’t look out of place if the the trim comes close to the wall paneling.

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