RV Grab Handle Grip Extension – Get a Grip!

RV Grab Handle Grip Extension – Get a Grip!

RV grab handle with bandage wrapRV Grab Handle Grip Extension

We have a fold-out grab handle on our 5th wheel entry steps. I think it is one of the best accessories you can get for your RV.  It certainly makes going up and down the steps easier and much safer.

There is one big flaw with ours, there is no grip on the upper angle of the handle. In rainy weather my hand has slipped more the a few times. Even when trying to be careful.

Co-Flex Self adhesive bandageI needed a solution to the problem for this winter. What I came up with was a self-adhesive bandage wrap and, while it is only temporary, it works very well.

It is the same self-adhesive bandage that doctors use and Veterinarians use on pets and livestock. There are many different brand names, CoBan, Co-Flex and VetWrap are a few but the reality is, all the brands are pretty much the same stuff. The brand I used was Co-Flex Bandage that I found on Amazon for a reasonable price.

RV grab handle with fresh wrap gripI have had the wrap on the grab handle for about three months and it is still providing the grip I need. But, since we live in our RV full time and the entry grab handle gets a lot of use, the wrap was starting to look a bit tattered. The good thing is I had enough of the wrap left to apply another layer over the the first one to make it look good again and it also give the grip more cushion. I expect it to last the rest of the winter.

When doing the re-wrap I decided to wrap from the bottom up which makes the overlaps face down and should slow the tattering on the edges. Makes it look better too.

When the wrap is looking really bad it should be a snap to remove since it does not stick to the grab handle.

Again, this is a temporary, although renewable, fix. If you give it a try leave a comment and let me know how it works for you. Also, I am still looking for something more permanent, so if you have a suggestion please leave a comment below,



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