R.I.C.E. Your Injuries

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So you tried boondocking and got carried away hiking in all the open space around where you parked your RV. But your poor knee that got twisted when you stepped in that hole. Ouch. And you’re out in the middle of nowhere with the nearest Urgent Care Facility 50 miles away.

Just remember the word RICE and relief is on the way.

R — Rest your hurt appendage.

I — Ice the sore area for 10 to 20 minutes. You may have to sacrifice cocktail time or iced tea to do this part.

C — Compress above and below your knee or whatever was sprained or injured. If you don’t have compression bandage in your First Aid Kit use a Tee shirt. It stretches enough and you don’t want it really tight.

E — Elevate the limb with the injury, preferably higher than your heart if possible.
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  1. Steve, we were taught to compress the injury, itself, not above and below. Compression helps cut down on swelling.

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