Repair Your RV with RV Salvage Parts and Save Money

Repair Your RV with RV Salvage Parts and Save Money

Last updated on June 18th, 2016 at 07:17 pm

Just like repairing your car with used parts can save you a lot of money, so can repairing your RV with salvaged parts. Especially since new RV parts seem to cost way more than they are worth.

I have replaced, a furnace and a fifth wheel landing gear motor with salvage parts, and purchased replacements and additional light fixtures from RV salvage yards at bargain prices.

For older RVs, RV salvage yards may be the only source for special parts like Luan panels, ceiling panels, windows, doors, interior trims, exterior molding and fender skirts.

RV Salvage yards do there best to check electrical and mechanical parts they sell but if you’ll be picking the parts up at the yard, ask for a bench test before paying.

If you will need to have the parts shipped, try to buy from the closest salvage yard to reduce shipping costs. Always pay with a credit card so you can contest the purchase if the parts arrive D.O.A.

You’ll find a long list of RV salvage yards at


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10 Responses to "Repair Your RV with RV Salvage Parts and Save Money"

  1. Check the link to the list of RV salvage yards in the article above. When you call or email the companies it’s better to have a full description of the window rather than the year and model of the RV.

  2. There are two primary manufacturers of RV furnaces, Atwood and Suburban. They’ve been making pretty much the same units for many years. Once you’ve determined which brand and model you’ll have no trouble getting a replacement from a good RV parts store. You may also want to consider getting a used unit from an RV salvage yard. Here’s a link to a directory of RV salvage and used RV parts companies.

  3. There is a good chance the part is of the shelf. Take it to a good auto parts store… the one all the local mechanics buy from… a good parts man should be able to recognize it a supply a new one. NAPA stores are usually good. Also a good wrecking yard might be able to help you.

  4. I’m looking for a Black Waste Tank for my 1992 Dutchman Class C Motorhome, it was made by Elk Plastic model # of the tank is H212 the size is 44 long by 16 wide by 12 high, Elk Plastic don’t make the Tank no longer. Thanks to anyone that can help Ken Wiggle in Michigan.

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