Reminder checklist and Signs

I depend on check lists since I stay parked in one location for 2-4 months.
I also depend on small signs! Using brightly colored copy paper, I made 4×6″ signs that say “Antenna”; “Keys”‘; “Water Heater”‘; “Slide Braces” — and I have several others I use depending on where I am. I used some clear contact paper to laminate them.

About a week before I move — when I start gathering up my packing stuff and putting things away, I put up the signs in appropriate locations with a little of that poster putty. They are bright enough to remind me to do something — and the last thing I do as I walk out the door is look for any signs that haven’t been removed….except for the one that says “Slide Brace” — I leave that one up so I don’t try to move out the slide with the brace in place. – Helen

After almost 6 years of fulltiming, Malia is often asked for tips to help the newbie hit the road. Here checklist is an important part of the process. It’s always a good idea to review safety steps no matter how many times you’ve performed them and Malia share things she learned from her own experience (sometimes found out the “hard way”). She also had lots of expert input from those more experienced in areas less familiar to me. An RV salesman with over 20 years experience helped with the PDI process, a long-time trailer and 5th wheel tower overlooked that section. These lists were designed to be easy to use, broken down into four stages so you can print out just exactly what you need along the way. To Get More Info and To Buy, Click Here!


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