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Last updated on April 27th, 2009 at 06:46 pm

There exists a plethora of folks who don’t appreciate my strange sense of humor. And there are others who are convinced that I am my own best audience because I laugh more than anyone at my own jokes while they roll their eyes upward and say “Cute, Fran, really cute”.

That being said, I am introducing a new section of tips for RVers with just a touch of humor. Obviously RVers do not need cheering up because of the inherent characteristics of our wonderful lifestyle, but hey… a little chuckle never hurt anyone. Should you come across a ‘Qute’ Tip feel free to contribute.

Everyone has heard of the thousands of FEMA trailers that thousands of hurricane victims would not accept due to tales of toxic fumes …that we RVers know probably exist in most new RVs due to being closed up for long periods of time. Smart RV park and resort owners in busy recreational areas have obtained huge numbers of these trailers (and aired them out) to use as rentals.

Our Qute Tip for if you ever deside to rent one of these is …make sure you remember your site number when you leave that trailer, so you can find which one in the rows and rows of them is yours when you return.

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