Wyoming’s Phillips RV Park is 80 Years Old

Wyoming’s Phillips RV Park is 80 Years Old
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The Phillips family, who owns, manages and operates Evanston, Wyo.-based Phillips RV Park, are celebrating the business’ 80th anniversary this summer, the Uinta County Herald Reports.

Phillips RV Park SignOver the past eight decades, the park has physically changed, but the family’s desire to stick together and create a lasting impression on their customers has not.

During the spring of 1936, Phillips Camp and Sinclair Service was established in Evanston by Bona Elbert and Maggie Phillips. The business offered gas service, trailer spaces, tent camping and 11 cabins, with adjacent open garages available to people traveling the Lincoln Highway. Customers shared a community bath and shower house with running well water.

The Motel and service station are gone but the Phillips RV park now has 56 full hook-up RV spaces with the family constantly looking for ways to improve. Recent projects have included installing more underground sprinkler systems, improving the dog run and building a waterfall from scratch.

Current manager Darla Phillips has been running the park for the past 31 years. She is helped by her two children Courtney and Brian Carroll.

“It is definitely a lot of fun to work with your family every day,” Courtney Carroll said. “I enjoy getting up and working outside every day.”

From 1936 to 2016, the Phillips family has worked together. Every year, the family strives to improve and maintain the park, as well as welcome every customer.

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