Personal Property Insurance for RVers

Base coverage for personal property in most RV Insurance policies is inadequate. That’s especially true for full time RVers but even weekend and vacation RVers can load lots of expensive things into an RV.

You may be surprised to find the replacement cost of high-value items such as LCD TVs, satellite TV and internet systems, computers and peripherals, cameras, GPS units, antiques, firearms, jewelry, musical instruments and collections are worth much more than the base coverage. If so, you should purchase additional scheduled personal property coverage.

Take some time to inventory everything, and do your best to set a replacement value for each item.

Start outside your RV and record everything kept in outside storage compartments. Once inside, work from front to back so you don’t overlook anything.

Open drawers, cupboards, closets, storage bins and toolboxes and record their contents. Don’t forget any special furniture, appliances, or decorations you’ve added to your rig.

One RVer suggested using your digital camera to record everything of value in your RV. Reduce the file size of the photos to about 35~40 KB then upload them to an online storage account like G-mail, or a photo album like shutterfly or flickr. Just remember to set the album to private. Then should the worst happen, you will have visual prove of what you owned. Insurance companies won’t pay for anything that you can’t prove that you possessed.
Cowboy Cooking for RVers
Jim Foreman is a well-known and popular member of several RV email groups and forums so you may already know that he loves to cook cowboy style.

As an avid RVer, Jim found that his cowboy recipes and style of cooking adapted well to the confines of his RV kitchen and his cookbook is a combination of cowboy, tex-mex, Baja Califonia and just good food influenced by many years and miles of RV travel. Get More Info


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