Making Your RV House a RV Home

Just because your RV came with certain things in certain places doesn’t mean that is the way it has to be. Making your house a home is part of the fun. If you are a part-time RVer you are probably more apt to put up with your rig the way you got it, but if you are a full time RVer you have probably found many thing you’d like to have different.

We bought our fifth wheel because we mostly liked the floor plan. But it was a bunkhouse model that was advertised to sleep 12. (We don’t even know 12 people well enough to sleep that closely with them.) We had lived fulltime in our old 5er long enough to have a good idea what we wanted.

The ‘bunk’ room over the fifth wheel end was fit 4 bunks to sleep 4 young people. We removed three of the bunks and raised the fourth to a more aduly-useable height. We fixed a shelf for my dulcimers and fiddle, a set of sturdy plastic drawers for some of my clothes, my computer work station. printer, TV, etc. The small bathroom would be a nice closet, but I would much rather have the second bathroom which came with the rig. We added a 2.5″ podium to the toilet to make the height a little more comfortable.

Steve’s area in the rear of the rig has the other bath, a shower, bed, a closet and some built in drawers and overhead cupboards, TV, etc. He found a wood counter top at a home center that made the built-in dresser into a small desk he uses for his computer. He also added a small shelf to hold some external disk drives.

In the great room, one of the dinette benches was modified to make room for the icemaker. We have decorated the over head cabinets with wooden love spoons Steve carved and they look so at home that people think they surely came with the decor of the rig. Kitchen counter space and the entertainment center are still in the thought process. We haven’t traded out the ‘hide-a-bed’ couch yet, but we did replace the padding in the back cushions of the couch to make it more comfy.

The point is that you can redecorate and modify your rig just as you may have done in your sans wheel house. Certainly if you decide to replace something like a couch, recliner chair or other large item, make sure the new one will fit through the door. Also if you do any interior painting be sure to choose a time and place where you can leave the doors and windows open for ventilation.


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2 Responses to "Making Your RV House a RV Home"

  1. There are so many things that I would like to do to our 5th also but every time I mention it my husband starts with we can’t do anything because of the warranty.

  2. There are lots of cosmetic upgrades you can do that shouldn’t affect your warranty. If you have doubts, call the manufacturer’s customer service line and ask.

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