Keep a 5 gallon bucket in your RV

5 gallon plastic bucket has lots of practical uses so many RVers keep one or two in their RV.

Here are just a few of the many uses:

  • Trash can
  • Seat: Just turn it over.
  • Emergency Toilet. With a trash bag for a liner and a snap-on toilet seat designed to make it more comfortable it works great.
  • Wash Your Dishes
  • Wash Your RV
  • Washing Laundry: With a lid, put your clothes in, cover them with water, add a small amount of laundry soap, and let them soak. While they are soaking just reach over and tip the bucket back and forth vigorously. Let them soak longer. If you want, you can get a clean toilet plunger and use it to agitate them so more. Dump the water, fill with clean water to rinse and repeat until there is no soap. Wring out and let them dry. This will get your clothes clean, but may not be worth the time involved for the little savings.
  • Tool Box: You can buy a special canvas insert which turns a bucket into a great tool carry-all.
  • Storage container

Get more than one bucket and nest them inside each other to save space when not being used.

A great way to make a sealed container is to use a Gamma Seal lid. A two-piece lid system that transforms an ordinary bucket into a rugged, gasketed, resealable storage container that’s both air-tight and water-tight. Just snap the outer ring down onto your bucket. The threaded lid turns easily with molded-in grip bars. It’s makes an ideal storage container for laundry products, pet food, tools, documents, lawn and garden products, bait, seeds, oil, disaster supplies… and on and on.

Get buckets and Gamma Lids at

Bucket Boss 10002 5-Gallon Bucket
Gamma Plastics Vittles Vault Seal Lid for Buckets
Convert your bucket to a tool box


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