Inexpensive Accessories that Can Save the Day

Campground Water Thief

Fresh water spigots or faucets in National Park & National Forest Campgrounds, have fresh water spigots with small diameter spouts with no thread for a hose. This is done because the faucets are meant to be shared by all campers. The Water Thief is made of rubber and fits over the spout. Some campers use a hose clamp to attach it securely.

90 Degree Water Hose Elbow
Eliminate unnecessary stress and strain on your RV water intake hose fittings. Also prevents hose crimping and strain on water hose.

Water Hose Quick Connects
The more often you connect and disconnect your water hose the more you’ll appreciate these. They make connecting your hose a snap.

Electrical Plug Adapters

There are electrical plug adapters for just about every situation an RV may come across but it is difficult to know ahead of time which adapter you may need. The good thing is these adapters are relatively inexpensive and small so you can carry a selection of the most common ones.

Plug-In Voltmeter

It’s common to find low or high voltage in RV parks and campgrounds. The most common is low voltage but either high our low can cause damage to your 120v appliances. RV air conditioners are especially prone to low-voltage damage. Having a low cost voltmeter plugged into a convenient receptacle can let you see what the voltage is at a glance.


“RV Electrical Systems: A Basic Guide to Troubleshooting, Repairing and Improvement” covers both AC and DC electrical systems and is another must have. Excellent 12 volt coverage and the best source on 120 volt AC systems. If it’s not covered in this book, you can probably get along without it. The authors go into extraordinary detail without getting into engineering “lingo” and they tell you things nobody else does, and those things many authors assume you already know — that you don’t. RV Electrical Systems is available at Amazon.



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