Helian RGB LED Tape Light Review

Helian RGB LED Tape Light Review
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Last updated on May 24th, 2023 at 04:39 pm

Helian Tape Light displays hundred of colors and patterns.
The Helian Tape Light displays hundreds of colors and patterns.

I received a Helian RGB LED Tape Light with Bluetooth for review from Helian Electronics.

I have a previous version of Helian’s Tape Light, so when Helian asked if I would be interested in reviewing the latest version, I said yes.

What I like about the latest Helian RGB LED Tape Light.

It uses USB power!
All you need is a standard USB battery pack, wall charger, or car charger, and you have lots of light where you need it. I ran the Tape Light for over 3 hours using a battery pack with three 2.6 ah 18650 cells.

The new Helian light tape is small compared to the older version. The smaller size and the ability to use a small USB power pack make it truly portable and very RV and camping-friendly.

It’s fun.
The new tape light integrates an RGB LED driver with many preset patterns and colors. The driver also connects via Bluetooth to a free phone app that gives you more control. Choose static, all white, if you just need to light up your campsite or choose any color and pattern to set a special mood.

Are you feeling festive? The app lets you choose from 100 preset patterns or make your own patterns with your choice of colors. You can play with it for hours and not exhaust all the possible combinations.

It is convenient.

Helian Tape Light's small size makes it easy to use.
The Helian Tape Light’s small size makes it easy to use.

The windup case makes the Helian RGB LED Tape Light easy to use and safe to store. Because it is small and uses any standard USB power pack, I will likely use it more often.

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