Grab and Go Bag

Last updated on April 27th, 2009 at 06:47 pm

by Fran Crawford
Almost every RVer either has a vehicle that tows the RV or an RV that tows a vehicle for exploring while the RV is parked somewhere. In either instance the RVer(s) move back and forth from the RV to the vehicle quite frequently taking with them certain wants and needs of their daily lives. Other items in this category are often purchased in duplicate so that when needed one would be found stored in the RV and another would be stashed in the tow or ‘toad’ vehicle.

Instead of having two of each of some of these items why not fix a ‘go bag’ that holds the stuff you need and you can just grab it on your way out the door. First aid supplies, water, sun visor, sun glasses, gum, snacks or a picnic, sun block, extra set of ear buds, small pack of handy (baby) wipes, save space for a small camera and maybe your laptop, a map of the surrounding area, pencil or pen and notepad… you know what you’ll want for each trip and if your go-bag is always handy you can toss in items as you prepare to depart for any occasion.

A roomy canvas bag with easy to grab strap handles is a great thing. Mine will sit and stay open so I can pop stuff into it easily. It has a row of pockets around the outside that can hold small stuff. It is a sort of carpenter’s tool bag that I once used to hold my woodcarving tools until I got so many I needed a regular toolbox for them all.

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