Give Your Truck Box Some Space

Do you have a truck box in the bed of your pickup? Consider setting it 5 to 6 inches back from the front wall of the bed. I got the idea many years ago and it worked out so well I made the space just a little bigger when we got our current pickup.

The space made between the truck box and the wall makes a great place to store leveling boards and blocks. In the same space I also store the sections of rain gutter I use to support my sewer hose.

Having that special storage area minimized the clutter in the truck bed and keeps the boards and blocks easy to reach.

There are a couple negatives to setting the box back:

1) Leaves, pine needles etc. have to be cleaned out of the space occasionally and that can be a hassle.

2) Depending on how far you set the storage box back and how wide it is, the box can block the view of a fifth wheel hitch. With my old truck I could see the hitch, in my current truck I can’t. It’s not a problem for me, I learned how to hitch up backing my Dad’s big rig under a semi-trailer… couldn’t see the hitch or the kingpin.

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