Give Your RV a Dog Bone

Is your RV wired for 30 amp service?

Have you ever been in an RV park site where the 30-amp outlet was broken or the circuit breaker was weak and kept tripping? If it happens again and the RV power pedestal has a 50-amp outlet you can use it instead of the 30-amp outlet. All you need is the right adapter.

There are different types of adapters but the most common power adapter is often called a dog bone because of how it looks.

When you plug your dog bone adapter into the 50 amp outlet the adapter taps only one of the two 110 volt legs and transfers the power to your power cord as though it was plugged into a 30-amp outlet. Yes you technically have up to 50 amps available at the adapter but the 30 amp circuit breakers in your RV’s power panel will only allow you to draw 30 amps. As far as your RV is concerned nothing is different.

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  1. Steven, thanks for this and for your patient stewardship of the RVBasics site as well. We are new to RVing and have learned an enormous amount from the exchanges of information and from the suggested links and connections. We will look forward to the new format and hope your energy and interest in helping others share an unbridles enthusiasm for this “life” will continue for years to come. All the best and thks again, M

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