Getting Medical Prescriptions While Fulltime RVing

I have always used Walgreens for prescriptions, even after we began full time RVing. I have an online account with them and can order, name the time I will pick them up and the location. Most large population areas have Walgreens. In our loop through the U.S. this summer from Yuba City, California to Lockport, New York and back by a different route I had no difficulty finding a Walgreens from their list of store on the website. Also, if you are not going to be near one, or just don’t want to go to one they will ship your RX to you. They also handle contacting your physician when a prescription needs to be renewed.


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2 Responses to "Getting Medical Prescriptions While Fulltime RVing"

  1. We are full time Rvers also and use Walgreen’s to fill our prescriptions. It works out well for us. Don takes quite a few medications since he is a heart transplant recipient.

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  2. We started out with Walmart but they’re just a royal pain in the butt to get stuff forwarded so we moved to CVS. We’re in their system no matter what store we go to.

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