Get Rid of Ants in Your RV

Last updated on September 19th, 2009 at 01:11 pm

Black ants. Cabillions of them. We got ’em at an RV Park in California and took them on a tour of the southwest before my son in Lancaster, CA suggested we use Terro. The product comes in an orange/blue/white package. Little clear plastic pods of poison. Set the pods around your RV where you’ve seen ants.

Some of the ants just eat the poison and die right there but many take the liquid back to their nests to share quickly killing off the the whole nest.

Terro also comes as a powder in a dispenser bag for outdoor use around your rig or your yard or wherever ants may be. We got our Terro at WalMart… the liquid type in the pest control section of the grocery department and the bagged powder type in the garden department. It’s not a WalMart brand product so it is probably available in other stores. It worked for us.

Here’s some tips offered by members of the RVbasics Yahoo Group:

  • A rage… an old sock works well… soaked with diesel, Raid or PineSol wrapped around power cable, water hose, TV cables etc will stop ants and other pests from entering your RV.
  • PineSol in a spray bottle with about a 1:3 mix with water. It kills them dead and removes the scent trail they leave so others can follow them.
  • Don’t forget to spray or apply powder around landing gear and leveling jacks.
  • Tree branches and bushes that touch your RV as well as tall grass under your rig will also provide a bridge for pests.

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6 Responses to "Get Rid of Ants in Your RV"

  1. we store our pop up at a KOA–twice we’ve had the invasion!! what do you recommend for while the unit is in storage?–in an open field–

  2. Get yourself a small garden sprayer and a gallon of liquid pest control and saturate the underside of trailer.

    When parking for storage, spry around tires and leveling jacks, anything that touches the ground. It helps if the grass is cut so as not to provide a path into the RV. Trim away any tree branches that may hang down and touch the roof of the RV as they can also provide a path for ants and other bugs.

  3. Stop with the poisons. Use diatomaceous earth outside around the tires. It can be used inside too, under things where pets and kids can’t get it although it is not poison. Do not use boric acid powder (Terro and others) outside, it gets in the ground water. It is for use indoors, under cabinets and where kids and pets can’t get at it. These are considered organic, see

  4. I am new to the RV world but an RV pro advised us to sprinkle “comet” or a similar scrubbing powder around tires, sewer lines or any other access to the RV to repel ants and other pests

  5. Hi Jim,

    That tip has been around for a long time. I’ve never tried it myself so I cannot say if it works or not. It wouldn’t hurt to try it if you’re having problems with ants. I can tell you the problems we have had from ants have come from above. Tree branches touching the roof of the RV!

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