Forest River Class C’s Get GE Rooftop Air Conditioner with Heat Pump

Forest River Class C’s Get GE Rooftop Air Conditioner with Heat Pump

Forest River will soon equip the Forester by Forest River, Solera and Sunseeker by Forest River Class C Motorcoaches with GE Appliances’ GE Rooftop Air Conditioner with Heat Pump. The company said the move is an effort to enhance the end user’s experience by installing advanced air conditioning and heating systems.

The new rooftop heat pump model puts the A/C in reverse mode allowing the unit to both cool in the summer and heat an RV in the winter. Heat from the outside is pumped to the interior of the RV to supplement the furnace operation. The GE RVAC heat pump continues to supplement heating at cold outdoor temperatures as low as 25°F. Its auto-defrost feature ensures any ice buildup on the heat exchanger is cleared off by periodically cycling the A/C unit.

GE Appliances released the GE Rooftop Air Conditioner with Heat Pump producing 15k BTU in August 2020. The product was specifically designed for the RV industry and features advanced home comfort technology available to the market. GE Appliances’ patent-pending Auto Changeover feature leverages Auto Defrost, an industry-first feature for the RV industry, allowing it to work down to 25 degrees Fahrenheit outdoor temperature. Additionally, the product offers integrations and enhancements to customize the user experience for any unit, including an intuitive thermostat, several control options and RV-CAN Control capabilities.

The GE Rooftop Air Conditioner provides powerful cooling performance and reliable heat pump operation with ambient conditions as low as 25°F. Designed for lasting durability with corrosion-resistant coatings, heavy-duty motor support brackets, reinforced screw holes.


Whet the companion thermostat, three heating modes are available: Heat pump only; Heat pump + Furnace; Furnace only. Flexible heating modes give the RV owner options to configure the ideal comfort setting. And provide the ability to set a preferred automatic setting. 

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