EzyFlare – Electronic Emergency Road Flare

Last updated on May 17th, 2009 at 03:46 pm

Fran found the EzyFlare on Woot.com for a good price so we bough a couple. Hey… I’m a gadget nut. Sorry Woot.com only sells an item for one day so you can’t get it from them but I did find it available through Amazon.com…. EzyFlare – Electronic Flare

The EzyFlare is a solid state device that uses really bright LEDs switched on and off in a way that they simulate a rotating beacon… no moving parts. It’s powered by four AA batteries.

The company claims the flare can been seen from 8,000 feet. The LEDs are bright and can be seen from a good distance but I’ll confess I didn’t verify the claim. As bright as it is at night I’m confident is can be seen and attract attention from a great enough distance to provide a reasonable level of safety.

Compared to a traditional road flare, the EzyFlare has to be somewhat faster and I would think safer to deploy in an emergency since all it takes is pushing a button and setting it upright.

Emergencies happen in campgrounds too and I can see placing the EzyFlare in the dash of your motorhome or window of your travel trailer and instruct the 911 operator to have the emergency response team look for the flashing red light. This could be especially important if you’re boondocking out in the middle of BLM land. Don’t try that with a regular flare!

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