Emergency Campground Information

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Emergencies occur without warning, even when RVing. Are you prepared?

When you pull into a campground or RV park you, no doubt, know what state and urban area you are in/near. But would you be prepared for an emergency while there? Do you have all the information you would need to summon help?

Even though you, or those with you, may not need emergency help you might need emergency information of some sort to assist a fellow RVer. When checking in ask if there is anything special you should know about what to do in case of an emergency.

You may receive some emergency information on a handout from park management when you register, but if that is not the case here are some things you should know or could ask about:

  • The name and address of the campground or RV park and a nearby cross street
  • Should you call 911 or contact the police or sheriff department
  • What county you are in
  • A park emergency number …to contact staff to meet emergency responders at the gate and direct them to the right place
  • Ranger Station phone number if you are in a public campground
  • Your space number and RV type

When you have lived in one place most of your life you just know all these things, but pulling into a strange location it’s good to always ‘Be Prepared’. Hey… it works for the Boy Scouts.

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