Don’t Let That Passing Truck Sway You!

RVers who tow a travel trailer often experience a sideward push, or ‘wake’, of air when being passed by a truck or other large vehicle. Depending on the size of your tow vehicle and trailer, the wind conditions and the relative speed of the passing truck this sideward force can actually cause your trailer to sway out of control, or force your rig off the road.

You can minimize the chance for an accident by staying alert to large vehicles that may be attempting to pass you. This way you will be ready to compensate for the effects.

To reduce the sideward force and trailer sway move your rig to the right edge of your lane to make more space between your rig and the passing truck.

Proper installation and use of a sway control system will greatly reduce the effects felt from a passing truck. If your trailer hitch doesn’t already have sway control consider installing one.

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