Does Your RV Need A Digital TV Converter Box?

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If you watch TV you should know by now that on February 17, 2009 nearly all television stations in the US will turn off their old analog transmitters and broadcast only digital signals using different transmitters and frequencies.

So where does that leave you when it comes to watching TV in your RV?

Many RVers are dependent on their rooftop antennas for TV viewing. If you’re one of them then you will need a TV with a built-in digital tuner or a digital converter box.

Your rooftop antenna will continue to work fine. Don’t be fooled into buying a new ‘digital’ antenna.

You will still be able to use your old TV, without a converter box, after the switch to digital if you:

use a satellite service… Direct or Dish.
use cable TV supplied by an RV park or campground
subscribe to a cable TV service

For information on digital TVs and obtaining a converter box see:
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